Atlantic Commonwealth general election, January 2016

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Atlantic Commonwealth general election, 2016

← 2015 13 January 2016 2017 →

All 5 seats of the Atlantic Executive Council
3 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Brandon Wu Gareth Henry Twain, Jr. None
Party Atlantic Populist Party United Atlantic Independent
Leader since January 2016 January 2016 None
Leader's seat Glenn Haven Cambridge None
Last election 0 seats, 0% 0 seats; 0% 0 seats, 0%
Seats won 2 1 2
Seat change 2 1 2
Popular vote 2 1 2
Percentage 40% 20% 40%
Swing 40 pp 20 pp 40 pp

President of the AEC before election

Gareth Henry Twain, Jr.
United Atlantic

President-elect of the AEC

Gareth Henry Twain, Jr.
United Atlantic

A general election was held in the Atlantic Commonwealth on 13 January 2016 as called upon the ratification of the new Constitution of the revived Federated States of America. The election is considered the first and only election ever held in the Federated States' 2 year history aside from the scheduled May 2016 election, and is just as much considered the second election and first general election to take place in the historical domains of the present-day Essian Commonwealth.

The election's result drew widespread confusion and a crisis as President Henry Twain's party, United Atlantic, won only a minority and yet was endorsed by both major parties to remain President of the Atlantic Executive Council.