Principality of Valites

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Principality of Valites

"Aliis Vivere"
"Hail Columbia!"
Capital city Valites.png Rĕma
Largest city Valites (2).png Whitampton
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Lutheranism
Short name Valites
Demonym Valiti
Government Principality
- Monarch Henry I
Legislature Privy Council
- Number of seats - 1
Established 27 June 2016
Population 1
Currency Austral Franc
Time zone KST

The Principality of Valites, also known simply as Valites, was an autonomous principality of the State of Koss, formed through the session of lands formerly possessed by the Grand Duchy of St.Clemens to the State of Koss. Valites was founded on June 29, 2016, and after the dissolution of the St.Clementian government, Valites became the legal successor of that nation and one of two successors to the Federated States of America (The other the State of Galveston).