Ministry of Culture (Koss)

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Ministry of Culture
Ministério da Cultura
Ministri den Cultura
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Koss
Headquarters Luvetié
Employees 7

The Kossian Ministry of Culture (Ministério da Cultura; Ministri den Cultura) is a department of the Kossian government, responsible for promoting Kossian culture. It was created by the gubernatorial decree III during Koss period as a federation of St.Charlie . The position of Minister is appointed by the Anax of Koss.

Academie den Lingui

The Academie den Lingui is the regulatory body of the Papian language, it is in charge of development and promotion of the language.



Innover! is a campaign promoted and under direct control of the Ministry of Culture. The purpose of the campaign as the name suggests (Papian for innovate) is to introduce contemporary policies within the State of Koss.


Scientia is a project in which the Ministry has developed a transparent web portal for the State of Koss

Secretariat of the International Development

The Secretariat of International Development (Secretária de Desenvolvimento Internacional; Secretarie den Desenvolpae Internacionalie) is an agency of the Ministry that is in charge of promoting activity and international development throughout the community.


Name Position Salary Nation Agency
Karl Friedrich Advisor 300 AUF Lurk SDI
Patrick Renwick Advisor 300 AUF Paravia SDI
Richard Hytholoday Special Advisor 400 AUF Koss/Mercia MdC
Stephen Freayth Advisor 300 AUF Abelden SDI