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The Innover! is an ongoing campaign promoted by the Kossian Ministry of Culture. This campaign has the objective to innovate and develop the culture of Koss even further

Separation of church and state

Koss was founded in the Federative Republic of Brazil in 2010, Brazil is well known for being the most populous Catholic country in the world[citation needed] and thus the influence of religion is seen in the every day lives of Brazilians and sub consequently the lives of Kossians. Since the First Grand Duchy of Koss, Koss has been a secular state having always created a very visible division between State and religion. A poll in 2012 revealed under 15% of the population[citation needed] of Koss believed in the God perceived by the Christians, with this overwhelming majority not believing in this form of God, the Government of Koss decided to take even further measures to divide the State and religion.

Calendar Reform

As an indirect result of colonization of Brazil by the Portuguese, Koss used the Gregorian calendar, a Christian heritage, until December 20, 2012, when Minister of Culture, Lucas Campos, started the Calendar Reform in which the old Gregorian calendar would be replaced by the International Fixed Calendar on January 1, 2013. Koss would go back 1902 years into the past and would be in the year 111 EI(Eri Innovativi) and any year before that would be known as AI(Antae Innovativio).


Fashion Revolution