Kossian Provisional Government

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Kossian Provisional Government
Governo Provisional Kossiano (pt)
Official languagesPortuguese, English
GovernmentProvisional Government,
CurrencyNemkhav Mark
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Koss
Grand Duchy of Koss (Nemkhavia)

The Kossian Authority, formaly called the Kossian Provisional Government was the provisional government controling Koss during the transition from Republic to Monarchy.


In April 13, a proposal was presented to the Kossian Council. It was decided that the Republic of Koss would be part of Nemkhavia. The process for application began, and it was approved in less de 3 days. Seven months passed and the Kossian President, Lucas Campos felt a need for a change, he realized that having a Monarchy system in such a small nation would be better than having a Republic system.

Provisional government

The President declared, through the Kossian Act, the end of the Republic of Koss and the establishment of the Provisional Government until the monarchy was installed.

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