Luiza Portes

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Luiza Portes
Governor of Koss
Assumed office
6 June 2012 - incumbent
Predecessor Office established
Successor incumbent
Personal information
Born 1997
Brasilia, Brazil
Birth name Luiza Portes
Citizenship Kossian
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity Latino
Occupation Student

Luiza Portes is a St.Charlian politican and the current Governor of Koss.


Luiza always demonstrated interest in politics and geography. The Grand Duke of Koss, Lucas Campos showed Luiza the Micronational World, and she showed great interest and enthusiasm, days later she joined the Grand Duchy of Koss.

Under the Grand Duchy of Koss she served a MP of the Royal Council of Koss and was twice Royal Chancellor


Oliveira's full style is as follows

The Honorable, Luiza Portes, Governor of Koss