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Ambassadorial Council of St.Charlie
Consiglio Ambasciatoriale St.Charliano
Official flag

Headquarters Department of Foreign Affairs, Tor Pendente

Languages used Italian, English

President Alexander Reinhardt
Minister Responsible Camila Jane Calandrini

Foundation April 18, 2009
De Armis Reform November 16, 2009
Websites Official Minisite

The Ambassadorial Council of St.Charlie (Italian: Consiglio Ambasciatoriale St.Charliano), colloquially known simply as Ambassadorial Council was the council and union of all St.Charlian Diplomatic Representatives. It was created by the St.Charlian Government on the 18th of April 2009.


The Ambassadorial Council, in a first venue, was only a consultative organ of the St.Charlian Cabinet for the decision about new treaties, new alliances or new contracts of mutual non-aggression. On the 18th of May 2009, the Cabinet transformed the Ambassadorial Council from a consultative organ to an executive organ. In a few words the Ambassadorial Council now decides, together with the St.Charlian Parliament and the Department of Foreign Affairs, about the foreign relations between St.Charlie and other micronations. It's main duties however are to discuss these alliances after the official treaty signed by both micronations. For example, the Council has the same level of importance as the Parliament when discussing a start of relations, but it gets a higher priority when an alliance is endangered.

The Ambassadorial Council has a meeting once every two weeks on Skype.

The First Ambassador

The First Ambassador(or President) of the Ambassadorial Council(Italian: Primo Ambasciatore di Consiglio Ambasciatoriale St.Charliano) was the head of the Council and is elected by the St.Charlian Parliament for an undefined term. He must put his signature on all decisions taken by the Council and can convocate an extraordinary meeting of the Ambassadorial Council when needed. In case of emergency, and with the approval of the Prime Minister, the First Ambassador could also approve all mentions without the advice of the Council. The last mentioned, however, never occured.

The last First Ambassador and President of the Ambassadorial Council, was Lucas Campos OBS.



The first criticism to be leveled against the Ambassadorial Council came from an article written by influential St.Charlian journalist Nick Maggiore in the St.Charlian Observer on September 17 2009, which denounced a case of homophobia within the ranks of the Council.[1] On August 29, Magnus de Armis had started a discussion regarding gay marriage, during which both First Ambassador James Lunam and Consul to Italy Athlon Strauss had expressed their opposition to gay marriage and adoption.[2] In particular, Consul Strauss had claimed to be against gay marriage "...for reasons of dignity. (come on, we all know gay marriage is against nature)" and stated that he was "personally against homosexuality (otherwise why would men and women exist?)".[2]

Maggiore criticized the Council for its close-mindedness and for its "Middles Ages" views, stating he had reconsidered his previous respect for the two diplomats.[1] He also asked himself how such diplomats could possibly represent St.Charlie abroad and praised Alexander Reinhardt for his support and quoted him: "you're only abnormal if you go with goats."[1] He concluded the article with a suggestion to the two diplomats: "It's time the St.Charlian Ambassadorial Council learns another chapter of diplomacy and moral values."[1] However, in an editorial response to an Erusian article in May 2010, Maggiore claimed he did not view Strauss simply as a "homophobic bigot" and cited his excellent work in the Parliament.[3]

In mid 2011, Riley Small was appointed to the Ambassadorial Council. Small was a bisexual politician in St.Charlie but has since resigned. An embargo, proposed by Small, on the Natlandist People's Directory of Istoria passed because of the Istorian policy regarding gays and the Istorian homophobic rhetoric. Since this incident, it is considered that the Ambassadorial Council is more liberal on their stances on homosexuality.

Inactivity and slow bureaucracy

On November 23, 2009, during the Anniversary edition of the St.Charlian Observer, famed St.Charlian journalist Nick Maggiore laid criticism on the Council for its lack of activity and its lethargic pace in carrying out its affairs.[4] Maggiore claimed the Council had "taken a long vacation since September" and dismissed school-related excuses by citing his own experience as well as reports by Leonard Von Sternberg that First Ambassador James Lunam "spent hours on Facebook and Skype".[4] Minister Lunam defended himself by saying he had "a lot of work to do and things to revise" and was later "hit by a horrible fever"[4]

He pointed at the "disgraceful" case of the Italic Republic who had asked for a mutual recognition treaty "several weeks" before and, facing no reply, had to draft the treaty itself, which was not immediately addressed by the Council.[4] After reporting about a similar case with Landashir, he stated that "we can't continue like this" and spurred the Council to "solve the current bureaucratic problems" as they showed St.Charlians "as incompetents that even after a year of existence, don't know how to manage diplomatic relations."[4]



First Ambassador

1st Class Diplomats

2nd Class Diplomats

Honorary Diplomat


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