Chancellor of Koss

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Royal Chancellor

Lady Luiza Portes
Since 20 April 2012 - 2 June 2012
Style His/Her Excellency The Royal Chancellor
Appointer Grand Duke of Koss
Formation: December 3, 2011
Term length: Three months
Inaugural holder: Lucas Soares

The Royal Chancellor was head of government of the Grand Duchy of Koss and it was also the Grand Duke's Chief Adviser. He headed the national administration, jointly with the Grand Duke. He operated in the position of Minister of Home Affairs and vested the Executive power. The style His/Her Excellency the Royal Chancelor was accepted.

List of Deputy Presidents

Order No. Term No. Image Name Affiliation Term start Term end Notes
1 1 Lucas Soares Capitalist Party 13 November 2011 9 January 2012 During his term, Koss became a leading nation within Nemkhavia, various symbols and customs were developed as well as Lucas was a decisive factor in the seccession from Nemkhavia. He was removed from office by the Grand Duke due to involvement in ilegal activities on January 9th.
2 1 Luiza Portes Capitalist Party 9 January 2012 4 March 2012 Under her governance, the Grand Duchy prospered, she assisted in the foundation of the Austral Economical Union, gathered new citizens and founded three government departments, she also played a major role in the formation of the Kossian Empire.She is considered a role-model of a Chancellor by the people, served almost one full term before was elected Premier of the Empire
3 1 Leon Frajmund Independent 4 March 2012 18 April 2012 After the leave of Montriac, Luiza Portes was elected Premier of Koss, leading the Grand Duke to appoint Leon as her successor. Leon was appointed in difficult times, with the sudden leave of Montriac, he assisted in the joining of the Prinicpality of Jaankecil, which later turn out to be a catastrophe. He was the one who came with the idea to dismantle the Empire and re-establish the Grand Duchy of Koss
4 0 Vacant de jure Leon Frajmund & Luiza Portes de facto Independent 18 April 2012 20 April 2012 As the Grand Duke could not make a decision in his appointment, he decided to leave the Royal Council to elect it.
5 2 Luiza Portes Liberal Party 20 April 2012 2 June 2012 After Leon Frajmund resigned from his post, Luiza Portes rose as the single Royal Chancellor.