Greater Crasager

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Greater Crasager
Grande Crasager
Grand Crasager
Ao topo e de volta. (To the top and back)
Country Federal Republic of St.Charlie
Federation Federation of Koss
 • Total0.87 km2 (0.34 sq mi)
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC-3:00 (BST)

The Greater Crasager is a province of the Federation of Koss located in the Federative Republic of Brazil. It is the site of the foundation of the original, now defunct, Republic of Koss in April 2011. The Greater Crasager is the capital territory of Koss, with the provincial capital, Arceu, functioning as the Federal Capital.

Greater Crasager is a multilingualist region, with Portuguese and Papian holding official status and French holding co-official.


The name Crasager comes from the combination of two latin words: cras which means tomorrow and ager which means land. The term Crasager which literally means Tomorrowland, which symbolizes the advancement of the region. The Greater wasn't add it until June 2 when Koss joined St.Charlie. It was added because it refers to the former national monarchies of Bravia, Nilza, Pontava, Crasager nad Rio Brilhante.


The Greater Crasager is divided into nine cities, Bravia, Zori, Bellus,Pontava, Britania, High Paradise and the capital Arceu. It is also home to the Nilza Valley the lowest point in all of kossian mainland.