Tor Pendente

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Federation of Tor Pendente
Federazione di Tor Pendente
Flag of Tor Pendente Federal seal of Tor Pendente
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of St.Charlie with Tor Pendente highlighted
Map of St.Charlie with Tor Pendente highlighted
Official language(s) Italian
Demonym Tor Pendeant
Capital Città di Tor Pendente
Largest city
Area  Ranked 1st in St.Charlie
 - Total ? sq mi
(3,7 km2)
 - Total 18
Admission to Federal Republic  August 25, 2009 (2nd)
Governor Athlon Strauss (NPSC)
Legislature Regional Assembly
Time zone UTC+1
Abbreviations TP ,SC-TP

The Federation of Tor Pendente (Italian: Federazione di Tor Pendente), also simply and commonly known as Tor Pendente, was a prairie province in St.Charlie, which has an area of 3,730 square metres. Tor Pendente was bounded by the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, locating itself inside the cities of Bologna and Parma. The federation was the first territory in Italy outside Rome that became part of the Federal Republic.

As of July 2011, the population of Tor Pendente was 13. Residents primarily lived in the south-eastern half of the province as the borough of Puntarossa records only one registered inhabitant. The "old" federation was first inhabited in the first years of the 1990s, and officially became part of St.Charlie on August 25, 2009, together with Caroline Charlotte, and after declaring sovereignty on August 21; prior to that, it was mainly farmland. Later, on November 14, 2010, the federation was expanded with the creation of the 'Borough of Puntarossa, a group of flats located within the boundaries of the city of Parma.

Tor Pendente's current President is Athlon Strauss (NPSC), who succeeded Filippo Lanzarini and Elizabeth Evans (both from the Socialist Party) and NPSC's Valentina Marchesi

Despite a high concentration of St.Charlian politicians, Tor Pendente's economy relied on its major agricultural industry, which gave it the nickname of the "countryside federation" (or federazione agricola).

Etymolology and Curiosities

The flag of Tor Pendente. (2009-2011)

The province's name is derived from two main monuments: the Two Towers, a group of medieval structures located within the old Bologna, and the Leaning tower of Molinella, another structure close to the region. The original flag, in use from August 2009 to July 2011 presented the coat-of-arms of Molinella, indicating the original location of the federation. When the flag was later changed on July 9, 2011, the usual colours of Bologna, red and blue, were kept.



Tor Pendente has a climate variously described by climatologists as humid temperate or continental, characteristic of Northern Italy's inland plains, with hot summers and cold, humid winters. Temperatures exceed 30 °C (86 °F) often from May to early September and heatwaves are very common during the summer. Because of the high rate of humidity, perception both of heat in summer and cold in winter are amplified. Due to humidity, fog is very common during late autumn and winter. Annual precipitation ranges from 700 millimetres to 800 millimetres concentrated usually in spring and autumn. Snowfall can occur from late November to April, but snow accumulation occurs mainly from December through February.

Administrative divisions

The flag of the Borough of Puntarossa.

The Administrative Divisions of Tor Pendente were established after the creation of Puntarossa, which instead of being recognized as an autonomous Federation, was incorporated within the Bolognese region, in order to solve any possible bureaucratic problems.


On November 14, 2010, Puntarossa became the first administrative division of Tor Pendente with only one registered inhabitant. Officially known as the Borough of Puntarossa (Italian: Borgo di Puntarossa), it claims two small flats in the city of Parma, about 100 km far from the original federation.

Puntarossa is the smallest St.Charlian region in terms of density and population (excluding District's Owl Creek and Lakefort, which do not have a population), and has been the home of the headquarters of the National Party of St.Charlie even before its annexation into St.Charlie. The federation also hosts the National Archives.

State Visits

  • 2010 15–18 October: The then-Minister of Defense Leonard Von Sternberg and Prime Minister Reinhardt came to Bologna where they were initially invited for a state dinner with other politicians. The visit was then followed by the first official visit of Reinhardt to the territories of Tor Pendente, the first one of any Prime Minister.

List of Governors

Buildings in Tor Pendente

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