St.Charlian Permanent Territory

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A St.Charlian Permanent Territory (Italian: Territorio Permanente St.Charliano) was a type of political division of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie, administered almost totally by the local Governor. While it was part of the St.Charlian Commonwealth, it was not fully part of the Republic. Permanent Territories were formed to enable sovereign micronations to enter the Commonwealth but maintain a high level of internal, and in some cases external, autonomy. They should not be confused with Territories.

Permanent Territories were created on May 23, by the Admission and Entry to the Republic Act.[1] Any plot of land can apply to become a St.Charlian Permanent Territory, especially a micronation already in existence, with a petition to the St.Charlian Parliament. A commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is appointed with orders to produce a full report of eligibility to the Parliament within a week of the petition.[1] Once Territorial status has been gained, its population is to call a General Assembly and democratically elect a Governor. It is then possible to apply for Federationship through another petition.[1]

Territories weree recognised as being independent with regards to their internal affairs:

Permanent Territories have similar independence to Territories but with more autonomy, as listed below. The internal politics of the Territory are completely independent: all Territories have to right to establish a Parliament to elect the Governor and to establish Territory-specific political parties. The Governor may sit in the St.Charlian Parliament, but without voting powers, and in the Commonwealth Assembly, with voting powers. The Governor has the same privileges of the St.Charlian Prime Minister, but only within his own Territory. The St.Charlian President, Prime Minister and Government are recognised as superior entities to their Territorial equivalents.


In regards to their foreign policy, Permanent Territories are allowed a certain degree of autonomy but are expected to follow the general political stance of the Commonwealth:

The foreign policy of a Territory must pass through a representative in the Ambassadorial Council. Any previous diplomatic relations are left unchanged, exception made for those in contrast with the Republic’s. A separate seat in Intermicronational organisations would be guaranteed, in the case a Territory previously held one.


The judicial of a Territory is also mostly left to be internally regulated, but it must fall into the main St.Charlian Justice:

With regards to Justice, a Territory has the right to an Ordinary Tribunal, where both St.Charlian and local laws are considered valid. The St.Charlian Supreme Court has the right to find Territorial laws unconstitutional or in contrast with a National law and thus cancel it.


The first two nations who appeared interested in initially becoming Permanent Territories were the Community of Landashir[3] and SFR Nemkhavia, although for differing reasons they decided not to join. On October 19, 2010 the Royal Republic of Eleytheria entered the Commonwealth as a Permanent Territory, although it left later on. On December 8, 2010, the Community of Landashir presented a request to become a Permanent Territory and were accepted in the Commonwealth.[4] On February 3, 2011, Tiana also presented a request to become a Permanent Territory and was accepted into the Commonwealth.[5] Landashir and Amager were permanent territories.

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