Royal Republic of Eleytheria

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Royal Republic of Eleytheria
Elefteriaanse Køninglijke Respublik
Königliche Republik Eleytheria
Repubblica Reale di Eleytheria
Flag of Roy Rep Eleytheria.png State Flag of Roy Rep Eleytheria.png
Civil Flag State Flag

Capital Linden Valley

Official languages English, Italian,
four others co-official

Demonym Eleytherian

Government Electoral Monarchy
King Sebastian I
Lord Governor Sebastian I

Legislature Conciliary Cabinet
Seats 8

– Foundation of Pristinia April 22, 2008
– Foundation of Eleytheria May 30, 2010
– Accession to St.Charlian Commonwealth October 19, 2010

Area claimed ~ 7 km²

– Citizens 1
– Residents >500

Currency Eleytherian Shilling, Pianeta

Time zone CET (UTC+1) and CEST (UTC+2)

Country code ELY

Internet TDL .ely

Drives on the Right

Date formats Gregorian calendar


The Royal Republic of Eleytheria was accepted into the St.Charlian Commonwealth as a Permanent Territory on October 19, 2010. It is no longer a part of the commonwealth.

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