Cascia del Pinzanello

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Territory of Cascia del Pinzanello
(Italian) Territorio di Cascia del Pinzanello
Flag of the Federation
Founded 11 May 2009
Area 100,000m²
Registered Inhabitants 0
Inhabitants (de facto) 0
Official language(s) Italian
Jurisdiction St.Charlian Government

The Territory of Cascia del Pinzanello (Italian: Territoriodi Cascia del Pinzanello), also simply and commonly known as Cascia del Pinzanello, was a Territory of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.

It was officially decided to make the territory become part of the St.Charlie the 9th of May 2009. Nevertheless, the Territory officially became part of St.Charlie the 11th of May, when the name was added to the Constitution.

Cascia del Pinzanello was the largest region of St.Charlie, with a total area of 100'000 squared metres, but also the only one without a population. Inhabitants were found in the Territory until August 2010. It gived the possibility to the country to develop agriculturally. Indeed, the territory was a vast field, that includes various types of fruits and vegetables (including grapes, that produced wine until 2009).


The name comes from the union of two words that were chosen by the inhabitants of the Territory. Cascia was taken by the name of Saint Rita of Cascia, an Italian Augustinian saint that is particularly worshipped in the area. However, Pinzanello, comes from the Fossa del Pinzanello (Ditch of the Pinzanello), a natural place of interest located very close to the region.