St.Charlian Territory

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Royal Beresford, St.Charlie's first Territory

A St.Charlian Territory (Italian: Terrritorio St.Charliano) was a type of political division of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie, administered by the St.Charlian Government. While Territories are part of the St.Charlian Commonwealth, they are fully part of the Republic. They should not be confused with Permanent Territories.

Territories were created on 23 May, by Home Affairs Minister Heinrich Schneider, as a first step to Federationship.[1] Any plot of land could apply to become a St.Charlian Territory, even a micronation already in existence, with a petition to the St.Charlian Parliament. In the latter case, however, they would have to renounce their sovereignty.[1] Once Territorial status had been gained, its population was to call a General Assembly and democratically elect a Governor. It was then possible to apply for Federationship through another petition.[1]

Territories were recognized as semi-autonomous entities:

...the Territories, been recognised as temporary entities, have an autonomy limited to the following points: the elected Governor has a seat in Parliament but without a right to vote, the police is managed entirely by the Territory, political parties remain limited to Territory. The Territory must accepted the St.Charlian Constitution and its national laws. The SCAF is tasked with the defence of the Territories.


Following the passing of various modifications to the original act on 22 June 2011, the process whereby plots of land had to become Territories before applying for Federationship was abolished.[2] Territories were reinvented as "a plot of land which is part of the Republic but without any permanent citizens."[2] All previous Territories would automatically be made into Permanent Territories and any Federations without citizens into Territories. As soon as a Territory gains citizens it was promoted to Federationship. Currently, the only territories in the Federal Republic are Cascia del Pinzanello, which was a Federation before the reform,[2] and White Mountain, joining in 2012.

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