Leonard Von Sternberg

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Leonard Von Sternberg
ca. July 2011
8th President of the St.Charlian Parliament
Assumed office
8 February, 2015
President Alexander Reinhardt
Predecessor Lorenzo Zoni
2nd Governor of Caroline Charlotte
In office
January 1, 2011 - 10 February, 2015
President Lisa Cassidy
James Lunam
Alexander Reinhardt
Predecessor Heinrich Ritter
Successor Heinrich Ritter
4th Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense
In office
(de jure) January 6, 2010 - December 31, 2010
(de facto) August 31, 2009 - December 31, 2010
Predecessor Alessio Giovanrosa
Successor Christian Guariberti
1st Commander of the St.Charlian Navy
In office
January 15, 2009 - December 31, 2010
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vacant
1st Executive Director of the Ministero per le Informazioni Belliche'
In office
February 12, 2009 - August 30, 2009
Predecessor Office established
Successor Riley Small (as DSS)
Personal information
Born May 27, 1993
Munich, Germany
Citizenship St.Charlie
Nationality Italian
Political party St.Charlian Socialist Party
Residence Caroline Charlotte
Alma mater Molossian Naval Academy
Military service
Allegiance St.Charlie Armed Forces
Service/branch St.Charlian Navy
In service 2008-2010
Rank Admiral General
Commands 1st Navy Division
Joint Commanders of Staff
Awards Order of the Blue Star
Salvo D'Acquisto Military Legion
Meritorious Service Cross

Leonard Von Sternberg OBS (born Luca A., 27 May 1993 - ) is a retired St. Charlian military high-ranking officer and socialist politician.

During his military carreer, he started off by working as Executive Director of the MIB, the military intelligence agency of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie, from Feburary until August 2009. After being promoted to the rank of Admiral General, he then served as Chairman of the Joint Commanders of Staff of the St.Charlie Armed Forces, nominated by Alexander Reinhardt on the 31st of August 2009, and Minister of Defense, nominated in the Second Reinhardt Administration after the De Armis law of simplification on January 6, 2010, succeding Nicolas Bermejo.

A member of the Socialist Party, Von Sternberg entered the 2011 federal race in Caroline Charlotte, his home State. He won by a landslide, defeating the "Citizen's List" of the NPSC. He was sworn into power on January 1, 2011, officially ending his career in the military on the day before.

Von Sternberg is the first St.Charlian citizen to ever hold a micronational diploma, and the first one graduated from the Molossian Naval Academy. On May 16, he was awarded the Order of the Blue Star and the Meritorious Service Cross for his involvement in the Austenasian Civil War and outstanding work within the Armed Forces. He is remembered in the military for his peaceful and prosperous mandate as Chief of Staff. Despite a small decrease of the personnel resulting from the end of the Sanfo era, Von Sternberg is ranked today as the most successful military general who ever worked in the St.Charlie Armed Forces.


Leonard grew up in the city of Munich, Germany. Despite having Italian origins directly from his parents, he has lived in Germany since his birth. At the age of six he joined the primary section of the European School of Munich, where he met Alexander Reinhardt on the same year, in 1999. They remained good friends even after Reinhardt left Germany for Paris, in 2002. After Reinhardt left, Von Sternberg kept sending letters to Alexander, until they both installed Skype. A defining factor of their friendship was their residence in Italy: both of them came from Rome, which made it easier for them to meet when possible. It is known to many St.Charlians that they still do so when possible.

Early military career

Von Sternberg as Director of the MIB

Von Sternberg applied for the St.Charlie Armed Forces after the November Revolution. During the first days of January, in which Leonard enlisted, the Armed Forces were still under the command of General Karifa Sanfo, who had the task to reorganize the SCAF, at the time still without a proper organic and structure. Von Sternberg was promoted to the rank of 'Admiral General and was assigned to the St.Charlian Navy. He became its commander on January 15, 2009.

Later on, following the creation of the Ministry of War Information (commonly known as the MIB), he was nominated its Director after joining the intelligence, although still being part of the Naval service, on February 12. While in office, the Ministry investigated on several intermicronational movements that could have eventually disturbed or endangered the Federal Republic. Under Von Sternberg, the MIB organised a system for classifying for all documents, from those available to the public, to highly confidential ones. It is currently unknown where the documents are kept.

Chief of Staff

Karifa Sanfo resigned from the Chairmanship of the Joint Commanders of Staff on June 30, 2009. Colonel Alessio Giovanrosa, already Commander of the St.Charlian Army, was nominated its successor ad interim until August 30. Giovanrosa, for personal and logistical reasons, would have been unable to be in charge of the Armed Forces, and Von Sternberg was chosen to take its place soon after the end of summer holidays. He was nominated the 4th Chief of Staff of the St.Charlie Armed Forces by then-Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt after authorisation by Minister of Defense Nicolas Bermejo. He was sworn in as Chief of Staff on the day after.

During his term as Chief of the Armed Forces, he graduated from the Molossian Naval Academy, becoming the first St.Charlian military officer to ever get a military graduation and also the first St.Charlian citizens that graduated from a micronational educational institution.


Von Sternberg as Chief of Staff, November 2010.

After the resignation of General Sanfo, Von Sternberg moved the official headquarters of the Armed Forces to the young federation of Caroline Charlotte. The German federation, that included parts of his residence, became part of St.Charlie only a week before his nomination as Chief of the SCAF. The move was made in order to ease his work, as the main headquarters of the Department of Defense were located in the Federation of Lower St.Charlie, now part of District. Following the move, Von Sternberg had to face the complete absence of bureaucracy inside the Armed Forces: while Sanfo was able to double the organic of the SCAF, the Department of Defense had no way of communication other than the St.Charlian Forum. Von Sternberg promoted the "aesthetic" part of the SCAF by implementing new reforms for the uniforms, the ranks, and the website of the Armed Forces, which at the time did not exist.

Furthermore, under Von Sternberg, adverts by the Defense Ministry were doubled, with videos appearing on the St.Charlian television and its Youtube channels. Von Sternberg will be later criticized for being very "superficial" about the enrolment campaign, which did not receive the support expected; however, his commitment was said to be the defining factor of his career.

In April 2010, Von Sternberg opened the Caroline Charlotte Military Academy. The military school was positively received within the political sphere of St.Charlie and was said to be the main reason why the General was awarded the Order of the Blue Star. A month later, he formed the Salvo D'Acquisto Military Legion, the first military order of St.Charlie.

Austenasian Civil War

Von Sternberg acquired intermicronational recognition during the Austenasian Civil War in March 2010, when he condemned the civil uprise on the grounds of "military honour and conduct" and reproached General William, leader of the rebel faction, asking him to end the conflict. Von Sternberg, on a televised speech, claimed that a soldier "must always remain loyal to [the Emperor], to its constitution and to the Military oath that we all do for wearing a uniform". Neither the Austenasian Government nor the rebel faction, however, replied to his statement.

Political career

Von Sternberg as President of Caroline Charlotte

In the last months of 2010, Von Sternberg became more and more worried about its school life, and declared to be willing to oin politics. Already since the summer, he started showing interest in the works of the St.Charlian Socialist Party but was unable to join the party or get membership due to his involvement in the military. By St.Charlian law, members of the SCAF cannot associate themselves to a political group.

Not long before the General Elections of 2011, the Socialist Party persuaded him to declare his candidacy in the federal election to counter the possibility of a National Party victory, only if willing to resign from the military. More and more willing to join politics in order to be able to pursue his macronational studies, Von Sternberg decided to leave the Armed Forces, and at an officiall address on the SCAF Youtube channel, he announced his resignation from the Department of Defense whatever the result of the elections, and by the end of the year. Von Sternberg's political campaign started soon after, and was noted for the criticism of the NPSC and a very "Socialist" background. Leonard will be later criticized by journalist Nick Maggiore for criticising the "party that nominated him in charge of the Military for 2 years".

The federal elections in Caroline Charlotte resulted in a landslide victory of the National Party, which was also unable to get a candidate and relied on a "Citizen's List", marking a Socialist hold in the German federation and succerding Heinrich Ritter. Following the elections, he was sworn in as President after resigning from the Armed Forces on January 1, 2011. Von Sternberg is now the youngest man to be elected leader of Caroline Charlotte, the only general to serve as political leader in St.Charlie, and the only President to have never held elected office prior to the Presidency.

Awards and decorations

Admiral General Von Sternberg is awarded with the Blue Star for advancing the cause of micronational peace in the Austenasian Civil War and for its work inside the Armed Forces, with particular reference to the Caroline Charlotte Military Academy (Translated from Italian, Albo dell'Ordine della Stella Blu)
For exceptional service and as a sign of respect and acknowledgement for his brilliant career in the Armed Forces
To who performed exemplary deeds or services for his country and for micronational community
Awarded in the name of the Ministry of Defense and the St.Charlian Parliament for meritorious achievement and outstanding service and leadership in the performance of your duties in the St.Charlie Armed Forces.(Department of Defense/St.Charlian Parliament)

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