Ministry of War Information

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Minsitry of War Information (Ministero per le Informazioni Belliche) (English) Ministry of War Information

Official Seal
Non con la Forza ma con l'Astuzia
(Not with Force but with Cunning)
Founded: 8th Febraury 2009
Preceding Agency: N/A
Jurisdiction: St.Charlie Armed Forces
Minister Responsible: Leonard Von Sternberg, Minister of Defence
Agency Executive: Abolished

The Ministry of War Information, also previously known as the Ministry of Bellic Information (Italian: Ministero per le Informazioni Belliche, M.I.B) was the military intelligence agency of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. It was abolished while the Republic was at peace.

The MIB was founded in February 2009 to provide the Federal Republic with an agency capable of investigating and acquiring military intelligence to safeguard the integrity of the Republic, within a framework of counter-espionage. From its founding to August 2009, Leonard Von Sternberg served as the Ministry's first Executive Director.

From August 2009 to May 2010, the position remained vacant; when the Schneider Reform was approved by the Parliament, the MIB was decommissioned and the role abolished. The MIB can be re-established in times of National Alert and will work closely with the St.Charlie Armed Forces and the Federal Police to ensure internal and external order. Minister of Defense Von Sternberg is set to take over the MIB if re-established.

The Schneider Reform also dealt with the sensitive documents protected by the MIB. With its abolishing, all data relative to the interior of the Republic passed to the Ministry of Home Affairs. On the other hand, all military, external or secret documents were retained by the MIB, to be stored in a vault should they be needed in the future.

Executive Directors

Leonard as Director of the MIB
  • Leonard Von Sternberg: Von Sternberg was the first and only executive director of the MIB. During his term, he investigated on several intermicronational movements that could have eventually disturbed or endangered the Federal Republic. His distinguished service in the Ministry is said to have greatly contributed to his career and given him the bases from which to become Chairman of the Joint Commanders of Staff and then Minister of Defense.