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Secretary of the Treasury and Minister of Economic Affairs (St.Charlie)

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Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister
Athlon Strauss Straussportrait.PNG 23 November 2008 5 January 2009 National Alexander Reinhardt
Heinrich Schneider 75px 5 January 2009 7 January 2010 National
Athlon Strauss Straussportrait.PNG 7 January 2010 National Nicolò Alvisi
Athlon Strauss Straussportrait.PNG 10 January 2013 National Alexander Reinhardt
Alexander Reinhardt GenElec2012 Reinhardt.jpg 10 January 2013 23 June 2013 National Alexander Eastwood
Athlon Strauss Straussportrait.PNG 23 June 2013 Incumbent National