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President was the title of the head of state in the now-defunct Federal Republic of St.Charlie.

Federal President of St.Charlie
Presidente Federale St.Charliano
The Right Honourable
Alexander Reinhardt OBS

Formation 23 November 2008 (official)

Term length Two years

Appointed by St.Charlian Parliament

Inaugural holder Whisky I

The President of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie (Italian: Presidente della Repubblica Federale di St.Charlie) also known as the Federal President of St.Charlie (Italian: Presidente Federale St.Charliano) was the head of state of St.Charlie and, as such, was intended to represent national unity rather than a particular political tendency; more or less what the previous King had to do. The president's term of office lasted for two years.

The president was elected by the General Assembly of the St.Charlian Parliament. The first official residence of the president was the "Palazzo del Governatore" in mainland Tor Pendente.

The office of President was first created in 2008, replacing the King as head of state, with Whisky I serving as the first president. While St.Charlie had a semi-presidential system during the single-party rule, the presidential office was largely ceremonial in the later stages , with the Prime Minister generally seen as wielding the effective power.

The last Federal President of St.Charlie was Alexander Reinhardt, elected by the General Assembly on 8 March 2014. He became the fourth President of St.Charlie, succeeding James Lunam.

Qualifications for Office

The following qualifications were required for election to the Presidency:

  • St.Charlian citizenship
  • Not barred from holding political or civil rights
  • Either a member of the St.Charlian Parliament, holding a position in St.Charlian politics, or an active St.Charlian citizen.


The Federal President was elected by St.Charlian Parliament in full session. To achieve the maximum consensus for an institution intended to guarantee the upholding of the constitution, a two-thirds majority was required.

The President’s term lasted three years. The vote was held in the Parliamentary Chamber. The President took office after having taken an oath before Parliament and delivering an inaugural presidential address.

Presidential Mandate

The mandate could be ended early for any of the following reasons:

  • Voluntary resignation;
  • Death;
  • Permanent inability, due to serious illness;
  • Dismissal for crimes of high treason and attack on the Constitution.

Former Federal Presidents were often appointed life-members of the St.Charlian Parliament.

In the absence of the Federal President, including travel abroad, its functions were performed by the Prime Minister or President of the St.Charlian Parliament.


The Constitution did not create an office of Federal Vice President. If the President was outside of the country, or the position became vacant, the President of the St.Charlian Parliament fills in as temporary, acting President. While doing so he or she could continue to exercise the role of chair of the Parliament until new elections. If the President died was removed from office, a successor had to be elected within thirty days. Such an incident never occurred.

While the President was abroad on a state visit, the President of the Parliament does not assume all of his responsibilities since the Prime Minister deputises for the President, performing on the President's behalf merely those tasks that require his or her physical presence, except for the signing of important documents.

Impeachment and removal

While in office the President enjoyed immunity from prosecution and could not be voted out of office or recalled. The only mechanism for removing the President was impeachment by the St.Charlian Parliament for willfully violating the St.Charlian law. Following impeachment of the President, the Department of Justice was charged with determining if he or she was guilty of the offence. If the charge was sustained, the court had authority to remove the President from office and eventually to deprive him of his St.Charlian citizenship. No President was ever impeached.

The first official residence of the President was the November Palace (Palazzo di Novembre) in the Federation of District.

List of Presidents

Photo Name Home state Term began Term ended Allegiance
1. Whisky A. Walker I District 1 December 2008 23 March 2010 National Party of St.Charlie
2. Lisa Cassidy Tor Pendente 20 April 2010 1 February 2012 Independent (considered National)
3. James Lunam Tor Pendente 2 February 2012 8 March 2014 National Party of St.Charlie
4. Alexander Reinhardt New Branson 8 March 2014 12 August 2015 National Party of St.Charlie

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