Whisky I

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The Right Honourable
Whisky Archibald Walker I OBS
Commander in Chief of the St.Charlian Armies
In District, December 2009
1st President of St.Charlie
In office
December 1, 2008 - March 23, 2010
Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt
Predecessor Alexander Reinhardt*
Successor Lisa Cassidy
1st Chief of Staff of the St.Charlie Armed Forces
In office
November 23, 2008 - December 1, 2008
Successor Karifa Sanfo
Personal information
Born December 11, 1994
Chalfont St Giles, United Kingdom
Died March 23, 2010 (aged 15)
District, St.Charlie
Resting place Presidential Gardens,
District, St.Charlie
Citizenship St.Charlian
Political party National Party of St.Charlie
Residence District, St.Charlie
Military service
Nickname(s) Clemenceau
Allegiance St.Charlie Armed Forces
Service/branch Army
Rank General
Commands Chairman of the Joint Commanders of Staff
Battles/wars November Revolution
Awards Order of the Blue Star
*As General Secretary of the NPSC during the single party rule

Whisky I OBS, born Whisky Archibald Walker I (Chalfont St.Giles, 11 December 1994 - District, 23 March 2010) was the first President of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie and a central figure in the November Revolution, spiritually leading the Movement for St.Charlian Liberation at the time of the fall of the Monarchy.

Whisky was nominated first Chief of the Armed Forces, and then General Secretary of the newborn National Party of St.Charlie, on December 1, 2008. He led the Federal Republic through the signing of the Branson Act 2009, to the golden era of New Ridgeway, and throughout 2009 and the first months of 2010. He died in office of old age.

He was commonly nicknamed "Clemenceau" by some members of the Liberation Movement for his white mustache that made him resemble to the French politician of the same name.


Whisky was born in December 1994 in Buckinghamshire (United Kingdom) in a house called Turners Wood Kennels, very close to Chalfont St.Giles. He was the son of Morgan Rhos and Kenar White Queen, two West Highland White Terries, both Scottish. His childhood is mysterious, as there are no documents regarding his arrival in Italy. What is known is that he was later adopted by Adriana, in February 1995. He then grew up in Adriana's house, in the middle of Cerveteri, a small town next to Rome. In the same year, he met Alexander Reinhardt, at the time only two years old.

The revolution and the Federal Republic

2008 was a significant year for the Kingdom of St.Charlie in which he lived since 2000; Patrizio was forced to abdicate on the 15th of November due to his health reasons. Whisky then, with the help of his friend Alexander Reinhardt, decided to take over what remained of the kingdom and declared independence from Italy. He created the Federal Republic of St.Charlie with the help of the NPSC.

Later on, the 1st of December 2008, he was elected Secretary of the Party, and subsequently, after the ratification of the Branson Act 2009, President of the Federal Republic.

After the Branson Act, Whisky I became a representative figure of the Nation, though his power remained the same.

Illness and death

Whisky suffered several small health problems since 2008, and his masters were advised by his veterinary to stop travelling with them. As a result of old age, his short-term memory began to falter. He also started to have hearing and sight problems in 2009. A few days before his death, moreover, Whisky's sight started to get worse, which caused him also to fall off stairs. Days later, he also began to lose weight and couldn't recognize his mistress anymore.

Whisky died in the night of March 23, 2010, a few days before the arrival of Alexander Reinhardt, who planned to be in District for the first days of April. His death was received with sadness by several current and former St.Charlian politicians and by foreign members of the community: Daven Savoie, former Minister of Justice, said: "Rest in peace the greatest dog that ever lived. [...] You changed the world". Reinhardt, also, on the official message announcing Whisky's passing, wrote: "Whisky was a dog: a personality that could not fit properly to the title of President. But this was never a problem.. because he always represented his people, because he was a friend, because he was a dog."

Awards and decorations

Whisky Archibald Walker was able to show to the St.Charlian citizens that he was a symbol of a movement. With his great team spirit and motivational words, he was able to lead the November Revolution. Thanks to these meritorious actions, he was awarded of the Order of the Blue Star. (Translated from Italian, Albo dell'Ordine della Stella Blu)

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Preceded by: Chief of Staff of the St.Charlie Armed Forces Succeded by:
Office Created 23 Nov 2008 - 1 Dec 2008 Karifa Sanfo
Preceded by: President of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie* Succeded by:
Alexander Reinhardt 1 Dec 2008 - 23 Mar 2010 Lisa Cassidy

*This period includes the term as General Segretary of the NPSC before the ratification of the Branson Act 2009