Alex Specter

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The Right Honourable
Alex Specter
4th Prime Minister of St.Charlie
Assumed office
10 January 2013
President James Lunam
Alexander Reinhardt
Deputy Nicolò Alvisi
Predecessor Alexander Reinhardt
Leader of the New Socialist Party
Assumed office
16 February 2013
Deputy Nicolò Alvisi
Sante Belfort
Predecessor Magnus De Armis
7th Minister of Home Affairs
In office
22 September 2013 - 8 January 2014
Predecessor Sante Belfort
Successor Flavio Beninati
5th Minister of Education, Culture and Sport
In office
10 January 2013 - 22 September 2013
Predecessor Filippo Lanzarini
Successor Lorenzo Zoni
1st Governor of Atlantis
In office
19 July 2012 - 10 January 2013
Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt
Predecessor Office established
Successor Flavio Beninati
Personal life
Born Naples, Italy
Birth name Alexander Luxifer Specter
Citizenship St.Charlian
Nationality Italian
Political party New Socialist Party
Residence Caprica
Alma mater Graystone University
Religion Atheist

Alex Specter, also known as Alexander Eastwood, was a St.Charlian socialist politician and statesman, and served as the 4th Prime Minister of St.Charlie. Specter became PM after the 2013 election and was confirmed in the 2014 election and 2015 election.

Founder of the Republic of Atlantis, now Federation of Atlantis, Specter started his micronational career in early 2010. He lead almost all the time Atlantis, also during the Atlantis Civil War that brought a lot of attention on the Republic. During the summer of 2012, Atlantis joined the Federal Republic of St. Charlie and Specter decided to join the New Socialist Party, becoming quickly one of the main people of the party. Then, in October he became the nominee for the 2013 election. Specter was the longest-serving Prime Minister of St.Charlie, being the first to win three consecutive elections.

Early political career

In the 2008 Specter joined the SocialDemocratic Party since he always been a socialist. The party, being almost inactive and without interest to the development of the Republic immediately noticed the charisma of Connery. During the leadership election in 2009 Specter, with a public image of a young, moderate candidate who would appeal to young voters, won the election to become Chairman of the SocialDemocratic Party. In the same year his party won the 2008 Presidential Election and as chairman of the SDP he become President of the Republic of Atlantis.

Presidency of the Republic

Rebirth of Atlantis

In the 2010 the new-elected President of the Republic proposed himself the rebirth and the modernization of the Republic of Atlantis. In fact, Specter sayd that before having foreign targets, the nation should have internal objectives. The 2nd February he created the Ministry for Development and Propaganda, and the ministry, primarily leaded by Specter and after by Pawel Dworzycki, created a website, pages on internet, seals, currency, a national anthem, a radio, documents and much more. Thanks to the work of the Ministry already in March of the same year the Republic started to have relations with other micronations and more citizens. The Ministry for Development and Propaganda existed until the 7 November 2010, when a reform of the ministries deleted the ministry.

Foreign affairs

On 24 January 2010, Alex Specter created the World Micronational Alliance. This alliance has been created because the other organizations was not enaugh democratic for the Republic of Atlantis. So, the Alliance was created to give more influence to Atlantis in the micronational community. Actually the alliance counts more than 17 states member, took part at two wars and every month start new projects for micronationalism.

Atlantis Civil War

The Atlantis Civil War was a civil uprising which began in the Republic of Atlantis on the evening of 13 September 2010. It began after a motion of no confidence by Minister of the Interior Sante Carbone and Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriele Pellecchia against the leadership of president Alex Specter.

The loyalist side was led by Specter and most of the members of the legitimate government of Atlantis. The rebels, on the other hand, also known as the newly-created Socialist Federation of Makhnovist (previously known as the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis), received the support of the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army, led by Sante Belfort. Following the partially successful uprise, Atlantis was left divided as supporters of the existing Republican government fought the forces of the new "Anarcho-Communist" faction for control of the country. As of mid-September no real change was made, and the capital of Atlantis, Poseidon, was split into two sectors, each of those controlled by one side.

Soon after the start of the conflict, the loyalist side were quickly backed by military support, thanks to the influence of Atlantis in the micronational community, created by Connery. The Holy Salanian Empire and the Republic of Ultamiya gave support to the loyalist Atlantis on the day after the start of the war. They were backed in the following days by Starland, Emerald Isle, Los Bay Petros, Zurdonia. The Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics also joined the war on the 22nd, however later withdrew on September 25 due to a popular motion in the Supreme Soviet. On the other hand, the rebels gained support from The People's Democratic Republic of Pugguinia, the Draco Republic and the Tyler Revolutionary Forces, which however seem to have disappeared days after the start of the uprise.

Specter fought on 18 September in the Battle of Poseidon where an armed group of rebels opened fire against an Atlantis soldier of the Army in neutral territory. Specter led the Army and the Marine Corp and the Republic of Atlantis won the battle.

Despite a division of the capital, an apparently rigged trial by President Connery, and the creation of a totally new micronation with the territories acquired by the rebel forces, the civil war continued for almost a month and a half.

Thanks to Specter, the war finally ended on 26 October 2010 at exactly 18:51 (UTC+1) with the signing of the Treaty of Empire City, between Specter and Belfort.


Preceded by: President of Atlantis Succeded by:
James Lawrence 20 January 2008 - 10 October 2010 Gabriele Pellecchia
Preceded by: Prime Minister of Atlantis Succeded by:
Office established 10 October 2010 - 6 June 2011 Donato De Lellis
Preceded by: 2nd Secretary-General of IMTO Succeded by:
Danny Clarke 17 December 2011 - 16 January 2012 John Gordon