Prime Minister of the Republic of Atlantis

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Prime Minister

Official Seal
File:Eastwood 2012XL.png
Alexander Eastwood
Since 12 April 2012
Style: Mr Prime Minister

The Honourable
His Excellency
(diplomatic, outside the RoA)

Appointer: President of the Republic
Term length: Seven months
Party: SocialDemocratic Party
Preceded by: Sante Carbone

The Prime Minister of Atlantis (Italian: Primo Ministro di Atlantis) is the head of government of the Republic of Atlantis. political leader of the Atlantis and the Head of the Government. The Prime Minister and Cabinet (consisting of all the most senior ministers, who are government department heads) are collectively accountable for their policies and actions to the President, to Parliament, to their political party, and ultimately to the electorate.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of the Republic of Atlantis after the general election. The current Prime Minister is Donato De Lellis.


The Prime Minister is the highest political authority in the Republic of Atlantis: he leads a major political party and is the leader of the Cabinet. As such, the incumbent wields both legislative and executive powers. In his executive capacity, the Prime Minister appoints (and may dismiss) all other cabinet members and ministers, and co-ordinates the policies and activities of all government departments, and the staff of the Civil Service. He acts as the public "face" and "voice" of the President of the Republic of Atlantis, both at home and abroad.

List of Prime Ministers

Photo Name Political Party Election Took office Left office Governments
1 File:Eastwoodsmall.PNG Alexander Eastwood SocialDemocratic October 2010 10 October 2010 6 June 2011 I, II
2 Donato De Lellis Conservative June 2011 6 June 2011 6 January 2012 I
3 Sante Carbone SocialDemocratic January 2012 6 January 2012 12 April 2012 I
4 File:Eastwoodsmall.PNG Alexander Eastwood SocialDemocratic 12 April 2012 III

Prime Minister's line of succession

Position Office Current officer
1 Deputy Prime Minister of Atlantis Nicholas Larsen
2 Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Eastwood
3 Minister of Justice Nicholas Larsen
4 Minister of Defence Dain Reevahn
5 Minister of Economy, Finance and Treasury Marc Tiamat
6 Minister of Home Affairs Giulio Borghetto

Time in office

Position Days Head of Executive
1 606 days (update 5 June 2012) Alexander Eastwood
2 214 days Donato De Lellis
3 97 days Sante Carbone

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Name Term Political Party Prime Minister Deputy Prime Minister
1 Eastwood Government I 02/02/10 - 10/10/10 SocialDemocratic Alexander Eastwood Pawel Dworzycki
2 Eastwood Government II 10/10/10 - 06/06/11 SocialDemocratic Alexander Eastwood Pawel Dworzycki
3 De Lellis Government 06/06/11 - 06/01/12 Conservative Donato De Lellis Flavio Beninati
Jennifer Tennant
4 Carbone Government 06/01/12 - 12/04/12 SocialDemocratic Sante Coburn Nicholas Larsen
5 Eastwood Government III 12/04/12 - Incumbent SocialDemocratic Alexander Eastwood Nicholas Larsen