Minister of Justice (Atlantis)

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Minister of Justice

Nicholas Larsen
Since 6 January 2012
Style: The Right Honourable
Appointer: Sante Carbone
as Prime Minister
Inaugural holder: Pawel Dorzycki
Formation: 10 October 2010

The Minister of Justice, is the senior Government of the Republic of Atlantis minister in charge of the Ministry of Justice. It is a Cabinet position. The position was created in 2008.


Current members

Number Name Position Born First day/Lenght of service Previous positions

Gabriele Pellecchia

Supreme Judge 21 October 1993

Rome, Italy

17 May 2012 President of the Republic of Atlantis

Alexander Eastwood

Inquisitor 19 February 1995

Naples, Italy

6 July 2012 President of the Republic of Atlantis

Pawel Dworzycki

Inquisitor 2 December 1995

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

7 June 2011

Ministers of Foreign Affairs

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister
Pawel Dworzycki 10 October 2010 6 June 2011 SocialDemocratic Alexander Eastwood
Alexander Eastwood 6 June 2011 6 January 2012 SocialDemocratic Donato De Lellis
Nicholas Larsen 6 January 2012 17 May 2012 SocialDemocratic Sante Carbone
Gabriele Pellecchia 17 May 2012 SocialDemocratic Alexander Eastwood

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