President of the Republic of Atlantis

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President of the Republic

Official Seal

Flavio Beninati
Since 1 January 2012
Style: Mr President

The Honourable
His Excellency
(diplomatic, outside the RoA)

Term length: Two years
Party: Conservative Party
Preceded by: Gabriele Pellecchia
Succeeded by: Incumbent

The President of the Republic of Atlantis (Italian: Presidente della Repubblica di Atlantis) is the head of state of the Republic of Atlantis and, as such, is intended to represent national unity and guarantee that Atlean politics comply with the Constitution. The President of the Republic is a constitutional body that is elected by Parliament in joint session, and remains in office for two years.

The current President of the Republic is Gabriele Pellecchia, elected the 10 October 2010. He became the 4th President of the Republic on 10 October 2010.

Qualifications for office

  • Atlean citizenship
  • At least 16 years old
  • Not barred from holding political office

Vice President

The Vice President of the Republic of Atlantis is a figure not explicitly foreseen in the Atlantis Constitution, but inferred from the provision in Article .86, in practice, has assumed considerable importance during the periods, sometimes very long, to elect a new president of the Republic of Atlantis or in the event of his early retirement. So if the president can not fulfill his charge the powers are given to the President of the Senate or the Prime Minister.

Presidential mandate

The President’s term lasts two years; this prevents any president from being elected by the same Chambers, which have a one-year mandate, and grants some freedom from excessive political ties to the appointing body.

In addition to the natural expiration of two years, this may be interrupted for:

  • Voluntary resignation;
  • Death
  • Permanent inability, due to serious illness;
  • Dismissal, if put on trial in a state indictment for crimes of high treason against the Constitution;
  • Decay, the disappearance of one of the eligibility requirements.

Former Presidents of the Republic are called Presidents Emeritus of the Republic and shall be appointed Senator for life.

In the absence of the President of the Republic, including travel abroad, its functions have been performed by the President of the Senate.

Presidential line of succession

Position Office Current officer
1 Vice President of the Republic of Atlantis Jane Gore
2 Former President of the Republic of Atlantis Alexander Eastwood
3 Former President of the Republic of Atlantis Gabriele Pellecchia

List of Presidents

Portrait Name Political Party Took office Left office Term length
1 File:Inquisitoreeastwood.PNG Alexander Eastwood SocialDemocratic 2 February 2010 10 October 2010 250 days (606 days as head of the executive)
2 Gabriele Pellecchia SocialDemocratic 10 October 2010 1 January 2012 447 days
3 Flavio Beninati Conservative 1 January 2012 Incumbent 157 days (update 5 June 2012)