Minister of Home Affairs (Atlantis)

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Minister of Home Affairs

Giulio Borghetto
Since 26 January 2012
Style: The Right Honourable
Appointer: Sante Carbone
as Prime Minister
Inaugural holder: Sante Carbone
Formation: 14 February 2010

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, is the senior Government of the Republic of Atlantis minister in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a Cabinet position. The position was created in 2010.

Ministers of Home Affairs

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister
Sante Carbone 5 September 2008 13 September 2010 SocialDemocratic Alexander Eastwood
Riley Small 13 September 2010 1 February 2011 SocialDemocratic
Manuel De Felice 1 February 2011 6 June 2011 SocialDemocratic
Francesco Esposito 6 June 2011 6 January 2012 Conservative Donato De Lellis
Manuel De Felice 6 January 2012 26 January 2012 SocialDemocratic Sante Carbone
Giulio Borghetto 26 January 2012 SocialDemocratic

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