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Riley Small OBS
Riley Small after being elected President of Kozuc (2012)
assumed office
1st July 2015 ((Current term)
Vice President Dylan Knox
Predecessor Restablished
Successor Incumbent
Chairman of the Revolutionary Council
assumed office
December 2015
Secretary Spencer Morris
Predecessor Established
Successor Incumbent
5th Minister of Home Affairs (St.Charlie)
In office
19 April 2012 - 23 July 2012
Predecessor Patryk Adam Bronisz
Successor Sante Carbone
Personal information
Born 26 March 1997
Citizenship Kozuc
Political party National
Residence Monterey County, California
Military service
Allegiance Kozuc
In service June 2015 - Ongoing
Rank Commander-in-Chief
Field Marshal
Unit None

His Excellency Riley Small, President of Kozuc, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Destroyer of Nations, Guide to the Revolution OBS, is the current dictator and founder of the Republic of Kozuc. Small currently serves as the head of state and head of government, and has had many other positions during his history in Kozuc. He has been the creator of many other governments throughout the History of Kozuc, which at its peak was a flourishing micronation having over ninety citizens. As the highest-ranking member of the Kozuc National Party, he serves as party leader.

Riley Small has been a micronationalist since the founding of his first micronation, the United Provinces Under Chance, in February 2010. He then began to develop another micronation but due to the lack of factual information, the project didn't last for long. Small went through many micronations both factual and fictional until he joined the Federal Republic of St.Charlie in May 2011. In August of that same year, Small left St.Charlie in order to create the Republic of Kozuc, but returned to the Federal Republic for a period of seven months after its initial failure. Due to inactivity, and other issues within the Republic, he and Kozuc left to join the Free State of Renasia.

Now, Small leads the Republic of Kozuc as President, reestablished in June 2015, and where he lead a Revolution to establish himself as military dictator. He is well known not only for his creation of Kozuc, but also as a St.Charlian politician and ambassador.

Micronational career

Small started his micronational career as the initial founder, in February 2010, of the United Provinces Under Chance, a "seventh world" micronation, which he created together with Chance Anders, and other friends. He then became the leader of other small micronations which followed what was referred to as the UPUC-Kozo style micronationalism, a type of micronationalism, very similar to the Hontui Islands micronationalism, based however in Monterey County, California.

Initially criticized for the non-serious aim behind the United Provinces, mainly because of the fact that it was "made of pure lies", he became the only driving force in the advancement of the UPUC into a more serious project. The United Provinces was disestablished and became the Kingdom of Zurdonia. Small, however, was involved in a diplomatic dispute between Zurdonia and the UPUC Government-in-Exile, also known as the Tyler Revolutionary Forces, which did not recognize the new micronation. The crisis resulted in the end of both micronations and the foundation of the Republic of Kozuc.

Small joined the Republic of Atlantis on behalf of Kozuc, and was nominated its Minister of Home Affairs. Kozuc remained part of Atlantis only for a short period, and then left the Republic due to the issues around the government of Atlantis, most notably their civil war. This resulted in a short political vacuum inside Kozuc, where many governmental reforms were implemented in order to solve the lack of citizens, the prolonged inactivity and the low reputation of Small, still judged by many as a "fraudster". Small later posted a public apology for its past actions and was accepted back into the MicroWiki Community. As a result, he founded the Kozuc Khanate on 25 January 2011, together with then-Prime Minister Joseph Puglisi. The Khanate was an online micronation, and contrary to the former projects carried out by Small, had a higher activity than the UPUC. However, shortly after its creation, due to Small's lack of time to run a nation as well as activity dropping within the once-active forum, the Khanate was disestablished. During the short existence of the Khanate, however, Small earned his reputation back and became a much more influential micronationalist.

After disestablishing the Khanate, Small ended up applying for St.Charlian citizenship in May 2011. He was registered as a citizen of the Federation of Greater Ridgeway on 7 May. He then applied to become a member of the Ambassadorial Council on 15 May, and was unanimously accepted on 22 May by a Special Commission consisting of First Ambassador James Lunam, Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi and President of the General Assembly, Alexander Reinhardt.[1] Small then left St.Charlie in order to create the People's Republic of Kozuc. Since then, a large burst of activity has moved Kozuc to become a Republic, after a short lived Empire was founded.

Small and the Kozuc region rejoined St.Charlie as a Federation. He served as Minister of Home Affairs for St.Charlie, in the Reinhardt Administration, and later resigned to become the President during a time of instability. However, due to inactivity and internal disputes, which are currently not made public in further detail, he left the Federal Republic. Now, as a Renasian citizen, Riley Small works with members of the Free State, in accordance to the Special Autonomous Regional treaty, signed in 2013.

Foreign affairs

Riley Small had, prior to his appointment as Overseas Ambassador of St.Charlie, few notable events in foreign relations. He began his intermicronational career during the time of the United Provinces Under Chance when he began to attempt to establish relations with many micronations. Not being familiar with the community, he was a supporter of micronational warfare and started several conflicts with notable micronations such as the Kingdom of Zealandia, over the issue of human rights within the UPUC. After the United Provinces failed due to criticism from many influential micronations on its fabricated content, Riley Small became more familiar with the MicroWiki community and slowly abandoned the concept of micro-war.

Small apologized for his actions during the time of the United Provinces Under Chance and the short lived Kingdom of Zurdonia and went on to create the first Republic of Kozuc. During the time of Kozuc, Riley Small joined the World Micronational Alliance and became close allies with the Republic of Atlantis. Riley Small joined in the Atlantis Civil War and sided with Atlantis on most intermicronational issues. Small and the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics had a short conflict after the much larger conflict between Starland and the USLSSR. Small then created the internet nation of Kozuc Khanate where he stayed away from most conflicts. After the Khanate and the short lived Kingdom of Kozuc died out Riley Small began his career as a St.Charlian diplomat and politician.


I believe in free speech and the entitlement to an opinion but the threat of execution of all Istorian gays, no matter if he is the only citizen, and the threat against communist nations is not to be defended by the freedom of speech.

— Small on the former Istorian policy against communism and homosexuality

Small was a significant figure during the diplomatic incident regarding the declarations of Istorian monarch and sole citizen, Max Kasbar, on homosexuality. Kasbar stated that homosexuals in Istoria would have been "executed", and that the nation was declaring war on "all Communist countries". His declarations were negatively received by members of the MicroWiki Sector who accused him of "trolling". Small, however, was the first who formally responded to the incident by reporting it to the Ambassadorial Council and by demanding a diplomatic embargo to be placed on Istoria.[2] A policy of non-recognition of the Istorian claims was passed unanimously on 12 June 2011. Many micronations later followed the actions of St.Charlie, notably a fellow Commonwealth member, Tiana as well as Sandus and Senya.

Being also a close friend of the government of the Empire of Starland, Small proposed they condemn the government of Istoria as well. Small is credited for starting the chain of micronations condemning and embargoing Istoria and became known on Facebook as "the man who killed Istoria". Although Istoria was not disbanded following the event, Small's actions were fatal for their reputation in the intermicronational community, and probably caused its reformation into a Natlandist State. His actions greatly contributed to his diplomatic career, providing the impetus for him to become the St.Charlian Ambassador to the OAM, succeeding Reinhardt.

Organisation of Active Micronations

OAM logo.png
OAM logo.png

‎ On the day Riley Small was appointed the St.Charlian diplomat to the Organisation of Active Micronations, many states that supported the closely-failed motion of no confidence against Secretary General Gordon Freeman left the organization.[3] Small, being a supporter of Freeman and believing that under his leadership the organization could reform, asked Freeman to resign in a public statement for the sole reason that many influential micronations wanted him out of office. However, Small supported Freeman's reasons to stay in office and believed that he could help the OAM come out of a period that many believed would lead to the end of the organization.

Additionally, Small supported a proposed motion in the Ambassadorial Council to leave the organization until the issues where resolved. Riley also assisted an organization in writing a charter for a short time until he noticed that it would never succeed the OAM. Riley Small also discussed the idea of a new organization with Sebastian Linden after Linden informed Small that the Micronational Institute of Standardization was not inactive meaning that the Intermicronational Standardization Organization was not needed. The council never made a decision to leave so Small retained his position as Diplomat to the Organisation of Active Micronations and remained a voting member until Kozuc became independent in August 2011.

New Guinea

Riley Small came across the New Guinea article when it was first proposed to be a Good Article. He noticed that it claimed to have 6,500 citizens, a claim which he found dubious, and placed the dubious template on the page after a Skype conversation with Aldrich Lucas and Joseph Puglisi. After Archangel, the leader of New Guinea, removed the template and challenged the article's dubiousness, Small questioned him. Small asked Archangel about being a hacker and about the extraordinary claims as well as asking about his claim that the locals around New Guinea use his micronational currency more than the United States dollar.

Small then went on to vote against a motion Archangel proposed in the Organisation of Active Micronations. Archangel sent Small a private message about the matter and how he should change his vote. Archangel said Small should do him a favour, claiming that he was "One who knows how to repay a favor". Small declined after talking to the First Ambassador, James Lunam. Alexander Reinhardt said that if Archangel was to do this again he should report it to the Ambassadorial Council. Soon after this, a then classified document reporting on the whole Archangel issue was given to Small. After it was declassified, Small proposed, after the motion was written by Alexander Reinhardt, that New Guinea be removed from the OAM.[4] The resolution passed and New Guinea was expelled from the Organization of Active micronations with a two-thirds majority.

St.Charlian political career


On 22 June 2011, the one year anniversary of the United Provinces Under Chance and Riley's entrance to the MicroWiki community, he applied for the former land that was part of Kozuc Khanate to become a St.Charlian Federation. He did this in response to the process to become a Federation being amended so that he would not have to apply to be a St.Charlian Territory prior to earning Federation status in the St.Charlian Commonwealth. Small was elected the President of Kozuc and, if the application had gone through the St.Charlian Parliament, he would have become the eleventh member of the General Assembly and the only American within the parliament. The Federation of Kozuc would have been the only American Federation of St.Charlie. Small decided, before the commission went through, that he would revoke his St.Charlian citizenship and create the People's Republic of Kozuc thus ending his political career within St.Charlie. Small formerly held the position of Chancellor of the Republic of Skendal and was going to attempt to have the micronation join the St.Charlian Commonwealth. Since then, he has returned. Kozuc joined the Federal Republic in April 2012, with Small working within the government on behalf of his Federation.


Riley Small and the government leaders of the Republic of Skendal were very close friends since Skendal was founded. Riley Small wrote the Skendal constitution and had helped the Skendal government in designing their government and legal codes. Furthermore, Riley introduced Skendal and their leaders to MicroWiki when the Prime Minister mentioned he would be starting a micronation. After Riley found a loophole in the St.Charlian ban on dual citizenship, he became the sovereign and Chancellor of the Republic of Skendal, making him head of state and protector of the constitution. Small played an active part in Skendal politics but did not vote or hold citizenship in Skendal as the Chancellor. Although Small had left St.Charlie, he did not apply for Skendalian citizenship and resigned from his Chancellor position.

Rebirth of a nation

Kozuc was reborn in August 2011 after Small's departure from the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. He founded the People's Republic of Kozuc, or East Kozuc, which soon reformed into a short lived Empire. With this, Riley Small began to gain influence in the community and get other citizenships. Now, after many changes of government, Kozuc has finally become a stable part of the greater Renasian state.

Reunification of Kozuc

The reunification of Kozuc caused some controversy in the community, with Westsylvania creating a Liberate West Kozuc Association. Kozuc was unified through a military operation which was described by a blog article written by Riley Small.[5] The Kozuc government continued to deploy troops to West Kozuc to silence a rebellion that was ultimately discovered not to exist. Westsylvania created a video showing solidarity with the West Kozuc rebels; a cause that did not exist.[6] The former West Kozuc politicians came out and stated they had no problem with a statement stating that this operation was not frowned upon by the Western population and they would stay unified. The entire Liberate West Kozuc Association died out quickly and all became peaceful in the then newly founded Republic of Kozuc. One report did state that the reunification was just a lie made up by the Kozucs but pictures and evidence was put forward stating otherwise by Riley Small himself. It is generally accepted by the community that this actually did happen.

Kozuc-Skendal split

Small signing documents at the 2012 PoliNation conference with Prime Minister Reinhardt.

Soon after the reunification, Skendal split from Kozuc. This caused some controversy in the community as well and it lead to the collapse of the Republic of Kozuc. For a while, the two states coexisted with the Federation of Kozuc, when it was a part of the St.Charlian Government, with the Skendallians independent of outside governing. However, Skendal soon collapsed, and other nations and groups were formed in the area, such as the Empire of Frexico.

Return to St.Charlie

Riley Small rejoined St.Charlie in early 2012. First, Kozuc joined the St.Charlian Commonwealth as a Permanent Territory.[7] Soon afterwards, Small decided that the Commonwealth would not support the idea of actually stabilizing Kozuc, and he moved to join as a Federation. He officially joined the Federal Republic on 14 April.[8] Prior to entering the nation, he helped the Army to declassify talks regarding the IMTO, an intermicronational organisation.[9] Small was the Home Minister for Prime Minister Reinhardt, until he chose to resign in order to become Governor of Kozuc. While Governor of Kozuc, Small struggled to maintain stability in the region, and later would oversee its exit from the Federal Republic.


The Federation officially left St.Charlie on 19 December 2012 and sought to remain independent. However, not shortly after the People's Republic of Kozuc was formed, it became a part of the Free State of Renasia as a Special Autonomous Region. Small was in and out of the community for some months, as he was dealing with personal issues. His mother passed away from brain cancer in June 2013, and he entered a drug and alcohol treatment program. Kozuc became a mere dwindle of what it once was, and finally after being inactive for nearly seven months, it was disestablished by acting President Rutger Sperry upon approval from his government. When Renasia saw its formal demise, Small reached out to the community stating his goal to revive his participation in micronationalism.

After consulting with local officials in the former Kozuc Republic, Small decided it would be fruitless to move for a reestablishment. Upon leaving his lock down facility in Texas, Small declared he would form a new micronation with his apartment roommates known as Orionis. However, after meeting with close associates from former Kozuc, and establishing an active base of citizens in California, he soon dropped this idea to recreate the Republic of Kozuc, a socialist single party state. On June 12 of 2015, the idea of Orionis was pitched, and on the 21st of that same month, the Kozuc was reestablished.

Kozuc's semi-presidential multi-party system was put into place by a constitution that was approved by referendum. However, because the leadership of the socialist party supported the second option, a communist People's Republic, which lost by a significant margin. When the Socialists won the parliamentary elections, a deadlock began between the legislature and President Small, a Kozuc National Party member. Soon, after disputes over attempted requests to remove National Party MPs from their posts, and lack of movement by the government, Small decided he would order the military to install a new government.

Currently, Small rules over the single party military dictatorship as the President and leading member of the Kozuc National Party.

Awards and decorations

Founder of Kozuc, Outstanding military service

For outstanding work in the micronational community

No reason given

On the occasion of Independence Day 2012


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