Kingdom of Istoria

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For the current government click here: Natlandist People's Directory of Istoria

Kingdom of Istoria
Coat of arms
Motto: Liberty, Progress, and Defense
Anthem: Kosovo National Anthem
File:Spokane, Washington; Northern Idaho; Victoria Land, Antactica
CapitalEltmund, Swassburg Prefecture
Largest cityCaligula, Hobbes Prefecture
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Maximillian Jerome Kasbar
EstablishmentNovember 5th, 2009
• Census
CurrencyUnited States dollar (USD), Istorian Tarvin (Istoria)
Time zonePST (UTC-8)
Succeeded by
Natlandist People's Directory of Istoria (NPD Istoria)

The Kingdom of Istoria is a micronation in the state of Washington. It was founded on November 5, 2009, by Max Kasbar, the current King and sole citizen of Istoria.


See History of Spokane, WA for Spokane's history

The Kingdom of Istoria was founded peacefully on November 5, 2009, by Max Kasbar, who declared himself as King. The current flag was created on November 9.

Land Grab I

On February 4, 2010, Istoria began a spree of territory-grabbing by capturing Duck Isle in Mirror Pond, Manito Park. Their flag was ripped down soon after, and Istoria decided to recapture the island. On May 11, Istoria captured a house and an apartment building, to be reclaimed on the same day by an American. However, Istoria reclaimed it two days later. They also captured Manito Park, but was forced to give control back to America following negotiations. The spree ended on May 14, when Max Kasbar decided to move and give all of Istoria's territory to America. However, the country is planning to move from Spokane, Washington, to San Diego, California, and would begin their land-claiming not even a month later.

On May 26, Istoria launched the Amazon, a rocket, at Hart Field in Comstock, Washington.

Land Grab II

June 10 marked the beginning of Istoria's second land-grab when Istoria claimed Cannon Hill park, renaming it "Valorastan" honoring the currency of the Republic of Molossia, one of their allies. However, Istoria returned the land a week later, which Istoria planned to do, only to claim another piece of land, which they promptly named the Eastern Territories.

This period is notorious for hosting the Istorian-Erusian War, in which Istoria declared war against the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia for no specific reason. The decision was condemned by a few micronations as completely unnecessary, but the war ended on June 23.

On June 20, Istoria restarted its land-claiming by capturing a grassy area in the backyard of the Rockwood Bakery and making it into a military district, called Rockwood. America struck again, however, and took the Eastern Territories. Also, On June 23, Istoria withdrew from the Istorian-Erusian War ; also on that day, Istoria told the Republic of Lakotah that they recognized them.

Post-War Era

On June 28, the Army & the Navy were officially complete; also, RIBC (Royal Istorian Broadcasting Company) is founded, & Fort Wagonhall was created in Rockwood Military District, Istoria. On June 29, the northern Rockwood Wall was completed. On June 30, the Calvin & Hobbes Revival Movement (CHRM) is founded, wanting to have the comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes, part of Istorian culture, because that comic book was the king's favorite when he was very young. On July 1, the Kingdom of Istoria supported the Second American Revolution, a movement to free America from the New World Order (NWO).

Land Grab III

On July 1, Istoria made a claim to Victoria Land in Antarctica. On July 2, Yelsheek was made the second official language of Istoria. On July 9, rice was made the official national food of Istoria. On July 11, Mike & Ikes was made the official candy of Istoria. On July 12, Istoria re-claimed the Eastern Territories. Also, on that same day, Istoria moved its capital from Bedville to Desktown. On July 13, Fort Wagonhall disappeared; but on July 22, Istoria invaded Manito Park, as well as getting Fort Wagonhall back. The Third Land Grab ended when Istoria gave Manito Park, & Rockwood Military District back, on August 1rst.

Land Grab IV

On August 8, Istoria officially settled into a whole new territory. But on August 10, Istoria declared war against the Kingdom of Starland, because they claimed Victoria Land as well, which ended on the same day. But, then again, Istoria went to war against the USLSSR , because they claimed Victoria Land too, which ended on August 16. On August 24, Istoria created, & adopted the Yolova as it's currency for itself, & also on that day, Yelsheek was no longer the official language of Istoria. On September 29, Istoria declared it's involvement in the Atlantis Civil War.

Atlantis Era

On October 2, while at a family friend's place, Istoria captured a huge part of the Windy Bay Boater Park at Coeur D'Alene Lake, re-naming it Coeur D'Alene Unorganized Territorys, or for short, "CDA-UT", & did not included everything in that boater park, until October 3, & also on that day, CDA-UT's name was changed to Windy Bay Territories, or for short, "WBT". On Nennin 1rst (October 8), Istoria changed it's national calendar from Gregorian calendar to new Istorian calendar. On Nennin 3rd (October 11), Istoria joined the Atlantis Civil Waron the Atlantic Front. On Nennin 5th (October 13), New Diablo Military District expanded to Polly Judd Park, where it was named Virgili National Park, in honor of the Prime Minister of Atlantis. On Nennin 10th (October 18), Kick-Max-In-The-Butt Nation, headed by His Royal Sir's brother, Quinn Kasbar, declared war on Istoria, leading to the Fraternal War. On Nennin 24th (November 1), Istoria peacefully got New Diablo Military District back from KMITB Nation. On November 1, Istoria recognized the end of the Atlantis Civil War, even though it ended during late October.

Pimpville Era

On Nennin 25th (November 2),2010, Istoria declared war on Pimpville, & Garden Nation. On Nennin 27th (November 4), 2010 A.D., Istoria changed it's national food to rice & meat, which is just cut/diced meat in a bowl of rice. On Nennin 37th (November 14), 2010 A.D., Istoria created it's own commonwealth, & joined it as head of the commonwealth. On Andar 13th (November 30), Istoria adopted the tarvin as the official currency. On Andar 17th (December 4, 2010 A.D.), Istoria claimed Minor's Island in Silver Rapids, a waterpark at Silver Mt., a mountain resort in Northern Idaho. On Andar 39th (December 26), 2010 A.D., Istorian adopted Kosovo's national anthem as its own, & also, it changed Bedville's name to Halmatten on the same day. On Kallinn 24th (January 20), 2011 A.D., His Royal Sir announced the Second Great Move, scheduled to be on February 1rst, to be near 57th Ave & Palouse Highway. On Kallinn 26th (January 22), 2011 A.D., Istoria got into the Slinky War

Palouse Era

On February 1rst, Istoria officially moved to 5821 S. Palouse Highway, 99223, also abolishing it's calendar, which really had no use, while on February 19, Istoria made the Tarvin its official currency. On the night of February 25, the Winter Palace was complete, along with the establishment of a new administrative district. On May 5, 2011, the Istorian government added a yellow lab named Cheer as the first Prime Minister of Istoria. On June 16, 2011, the Kingdom of Istoria turned into the Natlandist People's Directory of Istoria (NPD Istoria).




Enemies (Current, & Former)

  • Commerusia.png Erusia (Istoria and Erusia were once at war. Many diplomatic ties were settled after the war ended.)
  • Draco Republic
  • Kick-Max-In-The-Butt Nation

International Organizations

Istorian Commonwealth

Political Divisions

Moranio Prefecture

(Co-ordinates: +47° 36' 1.09", -117° 21' 0.90").

Natland Prefecture

(Moran Prairie Elementary School & it's land)

St. Francis Prefecture

(Co-ordinates: +47° 36' 0.79", -117° 21' 8.74"0) The home of the Summer Palace, the prefecture is bordered by Thistle Rd., & a log-line near Royal Ave (In St. Francis, that is).

St. Patricks Prefecture

(Info coming soon)

Carlini Prefecture

Home to the highest peak in Istoria, Mt. Maximilian, the prefecture is bordered by a cliff & Palouse Highway (Co-ordinates: +47° 36' 10.41", -117° 21' 13.56").

Hobbes Prefecture

Home to the largest city, & it's capital, Caligula is 4 abandoned buildings, plus it's home to Istoria's only national park: Hands National Park, named after Barnaby Hands. (Co-ordinates: +47° 36' 33.12", -117° 21' 53.58")

Swassburg Prefecture

Home to the capital of Istoria, Eltmund (His Royal Sir's bed), it's status as Istorian territory is disputed, although there's a flag hanging in the Prefecture. It is made up of only one room.

Hobenworth Prefecture

The bathroom of the room that Swassburg has. Its capital is Johnton, after a name for the toilet, the John.

Prairie View Military District (PVMD)

Named after the park situated in it, it also occupies a field south of Prairie View Park, & its headquarters is a playground toy-fort called Fort Prairie View.

Windy Bay Territories (WBT)

Istoria's Idaho possesion, the Windy Bay Territories were founded on October 2, while at a family friends house, borrowed a kayak in the name of the Istorian Navy, & paddled there, until the navy (King Max Kasbar) landed on the boater park, & conquered all of the boater park, from campsite #3, to campsite #14, & did not include the entire boater park, until October 3. The co-ordinates of the territory are: +47° 27' 47.38", -116° 55' 54.20". Also a popular tourist destination for the summer

Minor's Island

Istoria's 2nd Idaho territory, Minor's island is a source of an infinite resource (water), & is home to the Istorian Water Industries.

Autonomous Overseas Republic of Samsonia

Istoria's first & only overseas colony, this autonomous overseas republic's jurisdiction is Mustique island, nearby Rabbit Isl. & nearby islets, all located in St. Vincent and The Grenadines in the Caribbean. Its capital is Lovell, & its president is the chairman of the Mustique Company, who "owns" the island.

New Istoria (Victoria Land)

Istoria's Antarctic territory, which was disputed between Istoria & Starland, & it was even disputed with the USLSSR .

Vetter Parish

Canada Island, Spokane, WA. (Co-ordinates: +47° 39' 47.75", -117° 25' 20.45")

Talus Parish

Istoria's most northern outpost against KMITB Nation in Sandpoint, ID. Its capital is the bed of the highest room in the Talus Rock mansion, where Talus is located (Co-ordinates: +48° 16' 4.08", -116° 35' 17.80").


These are the laws by which all people, Istorian or non-Istorian, must abide, except in express permission from the king:

  • No milk or milk products, with the exceptions of soy and rice-milk
  • No egg yolks
  • No wheat, gluten, or wheat-gluten products
  • No beans
  • Very small amounts of sugar are to be allowed within the country
  • No recreational drugs
  • No smoking
  • No homosexuality


The Kingdom of Istoria, even though Catholic, does not recognize all the Popes from the Second Vatican Council. Therefore it listens to a traditional Catholic group, Most Holy Family Monastery, & a sedevacanist, Gerry Matatics.


The Royal Istorian Broadcasting Company (RIBC) is the official broadcasting company of Istoria.




The Istorian military is, of course, made up of 1 person, the King of Istoria. All branches of military have black rubber boots, blue or tan jeans, dark blue sweaters with turtle necks, red retro motorcycle helmets, & plastic safety googles.


The army equipment consists of:

  • Water Balloons (proposed)
  • Sticks & Stones (readily available)
  • 2 Maverick Rev-5 (with no ammo)
  • Water guns (proposed)
  • Lotus Self Defense
  • Pine cones
  • At times BB guns


The Istorian navy consists of:

Air Force

The Royal Istorian Air Force (RIAF) consists of only 1 Styrofoam passenger airplane used for numerous uses. Its symbol is a bullseye with blue in the center, red in the middle, & yellow on the outer rim.

Istorian Foreign Legion

The Istorian Foreign Legion (IFL) is a international military organization tied to the Istorian military, & consist of:

Science & Technology

Currently, Istoria does not have any major scientific or technology programs, but the King of Istoria uses Weather Channel Desktop feature for forecasting the weather.



Istoria has its own language called the Yelsheek. It is still being developed.

Letters of the Yelsheek language

  • aa - "a" as in "father
  • b - "b" as in "bat"
  • h - "h" as in "hat"
  • mg - like "ng", but with an "m" sound, instead of an "n"
  • ë - "e" as in "felt"
  • o - "o" as in "hold"
  • v - "v" as in "venison"
  • ö - "o" as in "hot"
  • i - "i" pronounced like "ea" in "heat"
  • í - "i" as in "fit"
  • f - "f" as in "feel"
  • j - pronounced like "y" in "yam"
  • æ - pronounced like "a" in "cat"

Flag of Istoria

The Istorian flag is a horizontal 3-striped flag, with blue on the top, red in the middle, & yellow in the bottom.


  • Rice & Meat
  • Carrots
  • Potato Paste
  • Chex cereal
  • Romaine lettuce


The Istorian government has a King with absolute power, & a Prime Minister appointed by the King with no power, only used as a title.


The Royal Istorian Sports Association (RISA) is the head of all sports of Istoria, & these all the sports recognized by the Kingdom of Istoria:

  • Calvinball - the sport that was invented by Calvin, in the comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes.
  • Basketball (Istorian National Sport): same way America plays it.

National Holidays

This list contains all of Istoria's national holidays:

  • November 5 - Founder's Day: The day when Istoria celebrates it's independence on November 5.
  • November 26 - Thanksgiving: Same way America celebrates this holiday.
  • December 6 - St. Nicholas Day: Like Christmas, excepted that there's no tree, & presents are usually in shoes.
  • December 25 - Christmas: Same way America celebrates this holiday.
  • January 1 - New Years: Same way America celebrates this holiday.
  • January 27 - King's Day: The king's birthday.
  • February 5 - Duck Day: The day when Istorians remember the Invasion of Duck Isle.
  • February 28 - Lantern Festival: It's the holiday when children stay up past their bed-time to light a joyful array of candles with the help of their parents, while their uncles, aunts, & other older relatives serenade them from the streets below.
  • March 17 - Irish Heritage Day: Same way America celebrates St Patrick's Day.
  • March 23 - Friendship Day: The day when Istorians celebrate friendship.
  • March 25 - Festival of Laughter: The day when Istorians celebrate comedy, & plat pranks, & make jokes.
  • March 29 - Earth Day: Same way America celebrates this holiday.
  • April 1 - April Fool's Day: Same wat Amecrica celebrates this holiday
  • April 2 - Opposite Day: The day when everything in Istoria is opposite
  • April 24 (2011) - Easter: Same way America celebrates this holiday.
  • June 28 - Media Day: The day when Istorians remember the founding of the RIBC.
  • July 16 - Midsummer Day: The day when Istorians enjoy Midsummer Day.
  • July 22 - Manito Day: The day when Istorians remember the Invasion of Manito Park.

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