Kazzardist Republic of Anpix

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Kazzardist Republic of Anpix

Motto: "Kassarmeccaprothe!"
(Kazconlang for "Trust the thoughts of Friends")
Anthem: Ambling Alp

NSW, Australia
Capital Kalajink - Decinart Prefecture
Largest city Hime
Official language(s) Australian English, Kazconlang
Official religion(s) Semi-secular
Demonym Anpixualite
Government Kazzardist Singulary State
Indorser BroDiToz
Vice-Indorser Tubalubs
Legislature Echelon Parliament
Type Unicameral
Seats 2
Established 22,August, 2010
Area Claimed 0.4 acres
Population 6
Currency The Australian Dollar
Time zone (UTC)
National animal



Official Website

The Kazzardist Republic of Anpix is a 'Brick and Mortar' landlocked Australian micronation, formed on August 22, 2010, by Indorser BroDiToz.


The origin of the name Anpix came from the Crypto-stories of Kaa; in one of these stories, the word 'anpix' means "just begining and more to come". The leader of Anpix, BroDiToz, does not use the same name as his legal macronational name because in Anpix, all citizens get new names to celebrate the nation's micronationalty.


Anpix is a young micronation formed on August 22, 2010. The nation stems from a treaty between BroDiToz and the now-extinct nation of Ytrew. Anpix was created by BroDiToz due to the collapse of Ytrew.

On the 16th of October, a brief constitution was created, this constitution was titled The Kazzardist Republic of Anpix - Manuscript of Constitutional Affairs. This will be printed out and signed by the Indorser for display at Kalajink on a later date.


The government is run on the Echelon Parliament system. The executive is the Indorser (BroDiToz) who functions as the head of state, head of government, chief diplomat, commander of chief and chief legislator.Tubalubs who is also an Anpixualite, is head director of the Echelon Parliament. .

Government divisions

Because of evolving of this nation the former three divisions within Anpix: Neomys Prefecture, Dresert District and the Unified Wild Reserve are now changed to:

  • Decinart Prefecture (former Neomys Prefecture)
  • Unincorporated Bezirk of Dresert (former Dresert District)
  • Unincorporated Bezirk of Eucaltrumpt (former Unified Wild Reserve)

And because the republic have being working on a project called 'Land Incorporating Scheme' there are going to be more subdivisions within the republic's control.


The Benevolent Quasi-Police (B.Q.P.)is currently the police of the micronation while the Echelon Parliament (The Echelon) acts as the Judiciary branch as well as the Legislature. Most military power of the republic is from the B.Q.P. but the intelligence agency (Tapeoffice) often have military roles.

Government Departments

There is only one government department running. This department is called 'The Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Foreign Affairs, started on 21 October.

Official Website of the department

Foreign relations

Anpix has now sent out foreign relation applications to arrange friendships/alliances.

If your nation is considering to have some type of relationship with this nation, go to - User talk:BrodiKazzard and ask for one or go to the official website of the department of C.I.F.A., it is more easier to get an alliance with Anpix if you give so me description of your nation also. Thanks.

Countries which have Foreign Relations with The Kazzardist Republic of Anpix:

Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros - Alliance established

Slinky Empyre - Friendship established

Kingdom of Wyvern- Friendship established

United Provinces Under Chance- Alliance established

Republic of Resoria - Alliance established

Kingdom of Istoria - Alliance established

Republic of Ultamiya - Friendship established

Geography and climate

There are three main terrain types:

  • Arid - Decinart Prefecture, U.B.Eucaltrumpt and U.B.Dresert
  • Forest - found only in the Decinart Prefecture
  • Complete Desert - found only in the U.B.Dresert

The temperature varies from three(3) to forty-seven(47) degrees Celsius.

Economy and culture

Many of Anpix's imports are goods and services from other countries while exports include bags, quilts, dresses and artworks. There are two state-owned businesses, one of which is called Jo-Ker-Made specialising in artworks and bags. The other business does not have a name but it specialises in dress-making. Quilting is very popular with Anpix and used to be one of the most exported products. Visual arts, sculptures, paintings and general arts have the most impact on the country's culture and music, while rare, is expected to rise in popularity in the near future. Most citizens are used to plays or are involved in small scale Australian plays.

The government (mostly the Echelon) has been considering plans for a farmland developement and equal sustainability program (FDESP) to run in the Neomys Prefecture, the Indorser has made his duty to form and organise the central devolement strategy.


Anpix has started a small-scale newspaper printing business which has been collect from citizens and Australians called Kazla Dos Muc. The paper is printed every fortnight as limited income lowers production, but it is a joyable newsprint showing current events, comments on everyday gossips and advertisements.