Istorian Commonwealth

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Kingdom of Istoria
N/A Coat of arms
National Anthem: N/A
Many peoples, One Unity
Headquarters Bedville Administrative District (BAD), Istoria

Official language English

Membership 1

President of Commonwealth Max Kasbar
Prime Minister of Commonwealth N/A

Legislature Istorian Commonwealth Assembly
Seats 0

– Established on 14 November 2010

Currency Kirissan Tarvin

Time zone Pacific Time Zone (PTZ)

Date formats Gregorian calendar

The Istorian Commonwealth is an international organization for Istoria, it's allies, & other non-allies of independent member states. The member states co-operate within a framework of a common values & goals. These include the promotion of benevolent governments, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, & world peace (war is only necessary if it's for the overthrow of a corrupt government). The Commonwealth is not a politicial union, buta international organization organization through which member nations members, with diverse social, eco nomic, & politicial backgrounds, which are regarded as equal as equal, help one another, in every way. It also has a piece of land, governed, & shared by all commonwealth members (Co-ordinates: +47° 38' 23.56", -117° 26' 26.73").

Member nations

  • Istoria, led by His Royal Sir, King Max I


The nations that want to enter the Istorian Commonwealth must:

  • Give military, &/or diplomatic help to another member nation that is in a war.
  • Use the same currency, Kirissan Tarvin, which all of it's coins & cash are 1, 5, 10, 50 ,100, & 100 tarvin pence (coin of the tarvin) equal 1 Tarvin (However, that's a choice member states can choose).

As membership in the commonwealth is purely voluntary, member nation can choose to leave the commonwealth any time they wish to.