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An official language is, generally speaking, a language in which all official business, particularly governmental functions, are required by law to be conducted. It is possible for a nation to have more than one official language nationwide, although it is rather rare to have more than two.

In micronations, this term may refer simply to the language(s) most often used by the people of a nations, regardless of its status in law. Although many micronations simply use their native language as an official language, some may also create a conlang to serve alongside it.

Examples of languages used

Micronation Official Language(s)
Aariania English
Abelden English, German, French
Adammia English
Aigues-Mortes French
Angyalistan French
Arkel Dutch
Arkapura Sundanese, Indonesian, English
Atovia English, German
Austenasia English (de facto)
Azzurria Italian
Beacon City English
Breckland English, German
Campinia English, Dutch, Flemish
Coria English, Corian, Serbian
Custosia English
Dalmatia-Herzegovina Republic Dalmatian , Serbian , Croatian
Deseret English
Edenopolis English
Eniarku English
Esse English, Latin, Hindi/Essian
Flandrensis Dutch
Gishabrun English
Gotzborg English
Imvrassia Greek
Juclandia Romanian
Koss English, Papian, Portuguese
Ladonia English, French, German, Swedish
Landashir English, Francillish
Latitudia English, Swedish
Lundenwic English
Lurk English, Czech, Loringian
Mahuset English, Dutch
Mcarthia English
Mekniy Czech, Nissiian, regionally Thornian, Esagitian, Mekniyan Czech
Mercia English, Czech
Nedland English, Spanish, 17 minority languages
Nemkhavia English, Irish, Portuguese, German, Nemkhav
North American Confederation English
Occitania French, Afrikaans
Pacem English, Spanish, Irish Gaelic, Flaré
Pannonia English, Pannonian French, Hungarian
Paravia English, Norwegian, Romanian
Pavlov English, Ukrainian
Prsänëa Esperanto (Official) US English, Prsänëan (cultural)
Qootärlænt English, Qootärfloams, pepee tepaal, Esperanto, Dutch
Radon English, Dutch, Radonic
Reyla English
Sabia and Verona Sabian, Spanish, Lycene
Sandus English, French, Latin
Secundomia Slin-English (Classical), English, Turkish, Secundomian
Senya English
Skovaji English, Evonian
Slin Slin-Englysh
Sorrenia English, Sorrenian, regional languages
Shireroth English, Præta Sxiróþes
Shorewell English and Biljish
Sirocco English, Siroccan, Edallic
Talossa Talossan, English
Templar Kingdom Esperantido, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Dutch, German


Theodian, English
United States of Akkerman Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Moldovan, Gagauz, Albanian
Uskor English, Swedish, Zealandian
Überstadt English
Vladislavia Verd'landian
Wyvern English, Dutch