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An official language is, generally speaking, a language in which all official business, particularly governmental functions, are required by law to be conducted. It is possible for a nation to have more than one official language nationwide, although it is rather rare to have more than two.

In micronations, this term may refer simply to the language(s) most often used by the people of a nations, regardless of its status in law. Although many micronations simply use their native language as an official language, some may also create a conlang to serve alongside it.


This is a list of micronations by national or official language.

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Micronation Languages
 Unitary Republic of Bir Tawil Arabic, English


Micronation Languages
AmazingFlag.png Empire of Achkirk Norwegian, English
Bartonian Eco Flag.jpg Ecologist Republic of Bartonia German, Austrian German, Polish, Bartonian, Russian
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail Spanish, Portuguese, French,

English, Dutch, German

Belcityflag.png Republic of Belcity Italian, Irish, Ligurian, Belcityan
Principality of Cainhoe English Norwegian
Forvik Flag.jpg Sovereign State of Forvik English
Jailavera flag 2020.png Jailavera French, Esperanto, Occitan
 Jarldom of Hjalvik English (Spoken), Hjalsk (Legal), Helwiccisc (Dialectal)
Kårlsberg.flag.svg Independent Duchy of Kårlsberg German, Kårlsbergisch'ts döitsch, Latvian, Estonian
Democratic Republic of Karinburg German, English (Unofficial)
Flag of Kohlandia.jpg Kingdom of Kohlandia English, Esperanto, Latin
Flag of Krzakacja.svg Kingdom of Krzakacja Polish
Lanevinia flag.png Republic of Lanevinia English, Romanian
 Kingdom of Northumbria English
Lienish flag.png Lienish Sovereign Republic Ukrainian, Russian, Lienish
Flag of the Livonians.svg Socialist Republic of Livonia Rōmaji, Livonian
New Flag of Centralia.png Confederation of Nova Tromsø English, Norwegian (Nynorsk), Cernabek
Flag of Pomerak'tèr.png Kingdom of Pomerak'tèr English, Pomerak
Flag of Sirland.svg Garden Republic of Sirland English, German
REPUBLIC OF POETS FLAG.png Republic of Poets Italian
Flag scoria.png Republic of Scoria English (National), German, Irish (Second Official)
Flag of Sealand.svg Principality of Sealand English
 Great Kingdom of Slitronia English, Estonian
(ѠѲІЦІАЛЬНЫĬ) ѲЛАГ РУССКѠ-ДѢТСКАГѠ ЦРСТВА 2.png Slavic-Children's Tsardom Russo-Détian (nation page in Russo_Détian)
 Sprinske Empire English, Scots
Wellmoore's Flag.jpg Kingdom of Wellmoore English, Portuguese
DuvöFlagga.png Principality of Pigeon Island Swedish
Republic of Baltia Polish ,Baltish
Kotlandflag.png Kotland Polish, English

North America

Micronation Languages
F7t.jpg Federation of the Seven Towers English, Al-Tiin
Misberia Principality of Misberia English, French, Passamaquoddy-Maliseet, Misberian
LaiNovies English
Kingdom of Bradonia English, German
Mivland Flag.png
Kingdom of Mivland
English, Esperanto, Mivlano
Flag of Roskya.png Roskya English, Polish
Regelis flag 16h.png Regelis English (Official)
Principality of Wolfenstein Official Flag.png Principality of Wolfenstein English, German, Belarusian, Spanish
Timonoucitian Flag.png Timonoucitiland English, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Greek, Ensk, Timonocitian Sign Language (development of Northeast Timonian, Cytoprios, and Excitementorian are discontinued)
Nosteponsnek.jpg United Snakes of America English, German, French, Russian
Official Flag of Manistan.jpg Republic of Manistan English, Spanish
The Kingdom of Happiness English, Pig Latin
The Flag of the Principality of Kaetania.png Principality of Kaetania Kaetan, English
 Slavtria English, Slavtrian
Flag of Theria for Computer.png Republic of Theria Theridic, Swedish, English
Kingdom of Gallusfloofia.pngKingdom of Gallusfloofia Chicken language (bawk bawk bagawk)
Republic of Saravatska.png Republic of Saravatska Saravati, Serbian, English


Micronation Languages
Flag of Australis.svg Unified Royal States of Australis English, Afrikaans, Nyungar
Flag of Australland.png
Matthewopia Flag.png Republic of Matthewopia English, Hungarian
640px-Flag copy 11.png Tinakula International Zone International Pacifican, English, Transnational Pacifican
The Autocratic states of Kruaslavia English


Micronation Languages
 State of Vishwamitra English, Hindi
Flag of Vyomania.jpg Empire of Vyomania Vyomani, Hindi (primary)
English (secondary)
 Roselia English, Hindi, Bengali
Sovereign Principality of Arlandica Cebuano
Akkoflag.png Islamic Emirate of Acre Arabic, English, Hebrew
Subejia Flag.jpg Democratic Republic of Subejia Malay, English
Flag of Huai Siao.svg Empire of Huai Siao Thai, English
Huago Flag.jpg Empire of Huago Chinese and English