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Republic of Kamore
Republiek van Kamore (Dutch)
The republican standard used by William Mevd and the institutions of the republic.
Motto: "From Ireland to Hong Kong, Kamore stands powerful and strong!"
Kamore along with its client states.
Kamore along with its client states.
Other languagesDutch, English
Christianity (state religion)
GovernmentConfederal hegemony under a military dictatorship
General Commander 
• 2022 - present
William Mevd
Head of government 
• 2022 - 2023
Pablo V.B.
• 2023 - present
Winston F. Roosefvelt
LegislatureState Council
Independence from Belgium
• Declaration of the first Republic
29-30 April 2022
• Kamorese Revolution
27 August 2022
• Declaration of the Directory
30 August 2022
• Decemberist Reforms
8 December 2022
25 January 2023
14 February 2023
15 February 2024
CurrencyVarious, mainly the Dimae.

Kamore, officially known as the Republic of Kamore (sometimes nicknamed the Second Republic of Kamore), is a micronation claiming sovereignty over a small plot of land in Belgium. The micronation has not received recognition from any official countries of the United Nations. It was founded by William Mevd.


Establishment (early 2022)

Kamore was first idealised in 2020, the time Liam became interested in politics and thought of starting a nation (not yet aware of the concept of micronationalism). Kamore would get established near the end of april of 2022 as a military dictatorship with Liam as "Beloved Leader". This would go on for just about a month when citizens started denouncing the dictatorship.

Revolution & Provisional government (mid 2022)

Following the disapproval, many would declare themselves a revolutionary, hoping to reform Kamore into a democracy. Revolutionary actions would go on for a couple of days, when they came together and threatened to leave Kamore and thus rid Kamore of 84% of its population[1]. Liam would opt to step down as leader, allowing the revolutionaries to take over and establish the Provisional Government of Kamore. They would allow Liam to become Chairman of the State during the provisionary although it was a mostly ceremonial position as the reformed National Congress was actually in charge. In August, the provisionary signed the declaration of the second republic, thus ending the provisional Government.

The Directory (mid 2022)

The Second Republic was a Directorial Republic under the Council of Captains, ending the rule of Liam as Chairman. But Liam wasn't done with his absolutism, he would have Kamore join the LENS, ETU and he would get adopted into the Mevd Dynasty, giving him enough backup to declare Martial Law and start using his royal position as Prince-Consul of Kamore withing the Mevd Dynasty as the de-facto absolute monarch.

Expansionism (late 2022)

On the 13th of november 2022, William got stripped of his Royal titles by Charles due to a disagreement, so he decided to try and expand after being inspired by Napoleon, he started by making Kirbia a Client State and later Domum Siderum joined as a Client State as well. He later declared himself General Commander of Kamore, Kirbia and Domum Siderum (he resigned from General Commander of Domum later for unknown reasons). He was also allowed to rejoin the House of Mevd as Protector of the House, not as a royal but as a bureaucratic/military office.

Decemberist Reforms (late 2022)

The Decemberist Reforms were a series of government changes which were initiated by William Mevd in order to make his position as General Commander the Official Head of State instead of just a military leader and leader during Martial Law. It also saw William regaining his royal status as "Prince of Ela'r'oech" within the House of Mevd. Later in december, the Captaincy was dissolved, making the state council the official legislative body instead of the advisory body to the captaincy.

Civil Code (early 2023)

On the 25th of January, 2023, the civil code of Kamore was signed in an attempt to organize the societal structure of Kamore better, it was introduced as an executive order by the general commander.

Declaration of Sovereignty (early 2023)

On the 14th of February, 2023, after the unofficial breakaway from Almendria, the Declaration of Sovereignty was issued to officialize the breakaway of Kamore from Almendria, it also created an important policy which stated that Kamore can't harm its sovereignty in motions proposed in the future unless a supermajority of two third is reached in the state council and the general commander approves.

Royal era (late 2023)

In July of 2023, after a long period of inactivity William Mevd returned, crowning himself King. William would subsequently make Kamore a ceremonial vassal of the King, but keeping Kamore a republic. Along with the state council, he claimed to have signed the treaty of Brabant with the Holy Roman Empire. The claim was later refuted by representatives of the Holy Roman Empire, with Shiro, the Vice-Chancellor, stating that he had "never heard of [Kamore]" when being notified through other channels. This refutation proved partially untrue later, as it happened that the King of the Romans, Bradley, Duke of Dullahan, had signed but without the consultation or consent of the Imperial Diet, one of the requirements for a treaty's ratification or adoption. Therefore, with the lack of consent of the HRE's diet, the treaty was still effectively a paper tiger, as it was not legally ratified as of October 2023.

Isolationism (since early 2024)

Christian of Tuinstadt[2], the first ever 'woodwarrior'.

Following the resurfacing of the Kirbia dispute, combined with William's reputation as a former member of the now defunct USR (Almendria), would lead to him issuing the isolationist edict. This would shut the country down in a fashion similar to Edo Japan, with Ela'r'oech as only permitted contact. The edict would be widely supported within Kamore and its vassals who were also tired of the controversy surrounding Kamore and William.

With foreign influence now gone with the exception of Ela'r'oech, William in his capacity as commander of the military would recruit the first ever 'woodwarriors', which are soldiers armed with wooden weapons such as wooden spears or swords mostly serving as a ceremonial guard and who are comparable to a knight or samurai.

On the 3rd of April, Ehrenwache was made a vassal of Kamore after signing a letter of admission.


The Second Republic of Kamore is a confederal republic consisting of three townships, each of which has its own government and partial sovereignty. The state council, which is based in Williamapolis, is the confederal legislature of Kamore and is made up of mayors, civil servants and nobles from across Kamore. The head of state, known as the general commander, serves as the chairman of the state council and commander-in-chief of the military.

While the state council is called rarely, much of the power is vested within the magistrates of the republic, who are entrusted in various state duties and powers. The government power is thus seperated between the executive (General Commander and magistrates), legislative (state council) and judicial (judicial court) arms.

Court Culture

Front of the Williamapolis Court Palace

The royal court of William which is seated in the Williamapolis Court Palace is a lavish home which hosts William's household. This court holds great influence on the decision-making of Kamore on a daily basis, with almost all Kamorese mayors residing in the palace. Due to these factors Williamapolis palace is sometimes nicknamed "microversailles" due to the court's similarities to Louis XIV's court at the palace of Versailles. The court also forms a political bridge which connects the king's policies to the policies of the Second Republic of Kamore.

Due to these reasons many first-hand Kamorese politicians are courtiers at the palace and thus further mix the royal politics of the king and the politics of Kamore.


  1. Census taken from late May.
  2. Christian is William's little brother in his biological line.