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From left to right, up to down.
George II, Emperor of Atlantium
Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland
Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia
Charles I, Tsar of Phokland
Kevin Baugh, President of Molossia
Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karno-Ruthenia
Christina I, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia
Adam I, Emperor of Adammia
Abrams I, King of Ikonia

A head of state is the holder of the highest office of a country. In micronationalism, it is commonly a emperor or king. The head of state may differ from the head of Government, such as a premier (generic term for heads of government), which are usually in charge of the legislature. In some micronations, the head of state may also serve as the head of government.

Although uncommon, in some micronations the head of state may have little to no power. This is more common in macronations, such as India or Jamaica.

According to the Micronational Leaders Index, An emperor is the most common type of head of state, followed by president and then prince.


Current heads of state

Colour key
  Green cells indicate heads of state whose offices constitutionally administer the executive of their respective state/government.
  Blue cells indicate non–ceremonial heads of state with limited power or de facto government leaders whose offices lack de jure constitutional power
Zepranan Times Top-9 Micronationalists (2022 Issue)
State Head of State
 Adammia Emperor Adam I
 Aenopia Emperor Logan I
 Angosvria Prime Minister Gustavo Essedin Gamee
 Aswington \President Juan Cisneros
Blue sun flag.svg Austin Island Governor Austin Young
 Austenasia Emperor Jonathan I
 Australis Grand Duke Daniel I
 Ausveria Chancellor Fredrick M
 Baustralia King John I
 Bradonia King Brady I
 Byzantinum Holy Byzantine Emperor Adrian I
 Carnovia Prince Peter I
 Cycoldia Summi Imperatoria Christina I
 Commonwealth of Dracul President Stephen Luke
 Ebenthal King Arthur II
Earth's Kingdom Firts Flag.png Earth's Kingdom King Antonio I
 Empire of Sayville Emperor Francis
 Freshland King Scottie I
Ninjasus Flag.png
Imperial States of Forestria
Emperor Elias Oberholtzer
 Huai Siao Emperor Pao
 Ikonia King Abrams I
Flag of Richensland real.png Richensland Aniq Sufyan
 Roscamistan President Andrew Brotherton
 Kingdom of Sayville King Charles
Templar Kingdom Prince Eugenio II
Wellmoore's Flag.jpg Wellmoore King Luke I of Wellmoore
 Monmark King Alexander I Constantine
NewSomerset Flag.png Republic of New Somerset Lord Marshal Otto I

Lord Marshal Hunter I

 New Virginia Acting President Adam Belcher
 Penn Federal Republic President Devin Purcell ODC CSD
 Permaria Emperor Fergus VI
 Prudentianopolis Regent Zerorius Hiruko
 Queensland King Edward IX
 Republic of Istria President Iordan Luca
 Roselia Queen Barbie I
 Sancratosia Princess Cloe of Sancratosia
 Seprana President Andrew Brotherton
 Snagov President Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
 Sildavia Queen Maria I
 Socialist Republic of Brittany President of the Supreme Council Florian Corre
 Theodia Founder Swena
 Vishwamitra Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy
 Vodopol High Commissioner Ned Vodă
Empire of Vyomania Vyomania Maharaja Mohak
Template:Country data West Savyille King Tom I
 Wynnland King Maximilian I