Vyomanian Monarchy

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Maharaja of Empire of Vyomania
Coat of Arms of Vyomania.png
Coat of Arms of Vyomania
Maharaja Mohak I

Style His Majesty
First monarch Maharaja Mohak I
Formation 2020

The Monarchy of Vyomania is the institution that of the Monarch of Vyomania and the Vyomanian Royal family. The Constitutional title that the Monarch holds, - males titled as Maharaja and females as Maharani- is the head of state of Vyomania. The Current Monarch of the Empire of Vyomania is Mohak since June 3 2020.

Painting of the Vyomanian Sceptre, the symbol of royal power

Powers and Duties

The Monarch has the powers and duties of:

  • The power to Declare war
  • The power to start diplomatic relations
  • The power to grant people titles
  • The power to serve as Judge of the Court, to appoint juries, and to appoint the judges
  • The power to appoint Representatives to the Cabinet
  • The power to appoint the Cabinet and the Vizier
  • The power to issue Royal Decrees
  • The power to open Parliament
  • The power to veto legislation
  • The power to veto Acts of Parliament by not giving consent
  • The power to rewrite the constitution
  • The power to appoint heir to the throne and pass the Vyomanian Sceptre

List of Monarchs

Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Total reign Notes Image
Maharaja Mohak I 3 June 2020 Present 1 First Monarch