Holy Byzantinum Empire

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Holy Byzantinum Empire
Sanctum Byzantinum Imperium (Latin)
Flag of Byzantium
Coat of arms of Byzantium
Coat of arms
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti (Latin)
In the Name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit
(English: "The Hope")
Royal anthem: 
Byzantium Terra Sancta (Latin)
"The Byzantium Holy Land"
Location of Byzantium
StatusPersonal Union with Shahdom of Greater Iran
and largest city
Official languagesLatin
Recognized languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy (2017 - 2019)
Federal parliamentary theocratic absolute monarchy (2020 - present)
Constantine Stefanos
LegislatureHoly Order
Establishment1 August 2020
• Estimate
CurrencyByzantine pecunia (⳩)
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time UTC +1

The Holy Byzantinum Empire (Latin: Sanctum Byzantium Imperium), or Byzantinum or HBE for short, is a country located in the South East of England and gained independence from the UK in 2017 but was overthrown by the Byzantine Republican Organisation in December 2019 but was restored in August 2020.

It claims and views itself to be the successor to and continuation of the Roman Empire and to be the successor of the Byzantine Empire as said on the Codex Imperialis of Adrian I.


In 2017, the Holy Byzantine Empire was formed and the monarch was Bahareh I, the Holy Byzantine Empress. The head of state at the time was Adrian Christus, the Heres (Heir) of Byzantium and the only Prime Minister of the Holy Byzantine Empire. Bahareh abdicated in 25 Jan 2018 and Adrian rejected the throne so the Emperor would be Adrian's cousin John (Jamshid) I, Holy Byzantine Emperor who was crowned the same day until he moved cities in the 3 April. The new Emperor was Devin IV, Holy Byzantine Emperor, the best friend of Adrian I who was also crowned a month after who was hated for being a tyrant and was the only Emperor of the HBE to not be part of the House of Christus or the House of Palaiologos-Bahrami. In Late November 2019, Devin and Adrian would be overthrown by James Idarine and the Byzantine Republican Organisation (BRO) in 2019.

On 1:30pm on the 1 August 2020, the Emperor Adrian I announced the restoration of the Holy Byzantine Empire under the House of Palaiologos-Bahrami. In 2021, the Heir to the throne would be Adrian's maternal cousin, Parsa Rahmani until the Emperor gets a son. In January 2022, the Brook Street Park conflict started between Bristolian citizens and Byzantine soldiers under the orders of Adrian I to claim the park, The conflict would be known as the One Week War. A week later, the HBE won and took the park and renamed it to the Imperial Park. When Russia declared war on Ukraine, the Emperor supported Ukraine. In 31 July 2022, Adrian I revealed his child along with his wife Katherine Amberdale who was named Adrian who's namesake was his father's and declared him the new Heres of Byzantium. Since the 2nd Anniversary of the Byzantine Restoration, Adrian I said that "We (The Holy Byzantium Empire) would apply to be a member of the Antarctic Micronational Union". Since 2 August 2022, the 1st Orthodox Crusade came to a end, the Crown of Orthodoxa is under military occupation of the HBE. Since 5 August 2022, the HBE applied to join the Antarctic Micronational Union due to the establishment of the Southern Lands of Christ the same day. In 6 Aug 2022, the empire announced its claim to Bir Tawil and established the Holy Byzantine Territory of Bir Tawil. A day after, a union was formed by the Shah of Greater Iran, who was Adrian I (Adriyan).

The Holy Order, the legislature of the HBE