Devin IV, Holy Byzantine Emperor

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Devin IV
4th Baron Caherly
Wanted Poster of Devin IV during the time of the Byzantine Peoples Republic, 2019-20
Holy Byzantine Emperor
Reign3 April 2018 - 3 December 2019
Coronation3 April 2018
PredecessorJohn I
SuccessorAdrian I (2020)
Prime MinisterAdrian Christus
Caherlyist Pretender to the Byzantine throne
Reign8 March 2021 - present
PredecessorDevin III
Leader of the Byzantine Centrist Party
Office11 November 2019 - 26 August 2020
Predecessor"Party created"
SuccessorIan Boggs
GovernorConstantine Stefanos
Katherine Amberdale
(m. 2019; ann 2021)

Louise Blake (m. 2022)
IssueCatherine Caherly
FatherDevin III
MotherSara Jane Blake

Devin IV (born 2001), was the third Holy Byzantine Emperor from 2018 until his forced abdication due to the Winter Coup in December 2019.