Charles of Cheskgariya

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Personal arms of Charles of Cheskgariya
Personal arms of Charles of Cheskgariya
King of the Sayvillians
Reign25 December 2018 – present
Enthronement25 December 2018
PredecessorMonarchy established
Heir presumptiveCrown Prince Adam
Prime ministersBlitz Lyco
James Xarca
Dexter Ball
Peter Joyce
King of Cheskgariya
Reign31 July 2021 – present
Enthronement31 July 2021
PredecessorChristian I
PremierDaniel Quintero
King of Great River
Reign20 December 2021 – present
Enthronement20 December 2021
PredecessorMonarchy established
Heir presumptiveCrown Prince Adam
PremiersJoseph Lopresti
Jackson Whitted
Born18 April 2002 (2002-04-18) (age 22)
East Patchogue, New York, U.S.
Charles Joseph[a]
FatherPrince Steven of Burgardt-Cabote
MotherPrincess Lydia of Burgardt-Cabote
ReligionRoman Catholicism
SignatureCharles Burgardt's signature

Charles (Charles Joseph; born 18 April 2002) is King of Cheskgariya. He is also King of the Sayvillians and King of Great River.

Micronational career


In 2018, Charles founded the Kingdom of Sayville originally as a NationStates region,[1] shortly thereafter founding the Kingdom of West Sayville as a client state.[2]

Shortly following the independence of West Sayville in early 2019, Charles founded the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions, which later became a notable organization within the Sayville Sector[citation needed].

Charles began to transition the commonwealth and its constituents into the field of micronationalism in the early summer. Soon after this event, he founded the Kingdom of Pinelandia on the 21st of August[3]

A few months later, he co-founded the Kingdom of Oaklandia with Maximilian I of Wynnland, and was elected as Prime Minister.[4]


The career of Charles fully kicked off following the drafting of a mutual recognition treaty between Sayville, West Sayville and New Eiffel[5]

At some point prior to April 2020, Charles became a member of the Communist Party of Paloma. He was appointed as Vice President of Paloma, though impeached after merely three days and declared a traitor to the state[citation needed][clarification needed].

In April, Charles became a delegate to the Cupertino Alliance after the accession of Pinelandia to the alliance. Not long after, Charles was also awarded the prestigious Order of the Gadus on the 23rd of April.

Within the Kingdom of Baustralia, Charles served as the Deputy Leader of the Opposition[6] under the Grand Union of Leftist Parties during the First Sullivan ministry. During the run-up to the June Election, he promoted policies such as the adoption of a communications service, the creation of progressive social policies, and the adoption of a pacifist foreign policy.[7][8]

Shortly after the expulsion of Aidan McGrath from Baustralia, Charles drafted an act to withdraw the nation from the Great Lakes Council, which was eventually granted assent by John of Baustralia.

Charles won two seats during the June election in comparison to Nick Sullivan's eight, losing the race to become Prime Minister of Baustralia.[9] After the election upset, he disestablished the Union Party and formed the Liberal Party of Baustralia.

On 13 May 2020, Charles joined the Baustralian Armed Forces as the Provost Marshal of His Royal Air Force. This command put his rank at Group captain, equivalent to an army colonel and a naval captain. On 3 October 2021, he and the post was elevated to the rank of Air commodore. At the dissolution of the Air Force, he was appointed postmaster general at the naval rank of Commodore up until the military placed Great Officers of State into the Royal Household formation.

He was elected in July 2022 to serve as 5th Prime Minister of Baustralia, and the first liberal Prime Minister. He remained in this post, victorious over a vote of confidence, and completed his agenda up to the point there was a shift in parliamentary power over to the Conservatives, and he resigned in favor of Sir Oliver Doig and was appointed Leader of the Opposition again. He was commended by King John for his successful leadership.

Titles, styles, and arms

Regnal titles and styles

Styles of
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
 Kingdom of Sayville
  • 25 December 2018 – present: His Majesty The King of the Sayvillians
Kingdom of Cheskgariya[b]
  • 31 July 2021 – present: His Majesty The King of Cheskgariya
 Kingdom of Great River[c]
  • 20 December 2021 – present: His Majesty The King of Great River

Full regnal title

His Majesty Charles, King of the Sayvillians, King of Cheskgariya, King of Great River.

Arms of dominion

Armorial achievement as King of the Sayvillians
Armorial achievement as King of Cheskgariya
Armorial achievement as King of Great River


Notes and references

  1. As a reigning monarch, Charles does not usually use a family name, but when one is needed, it is either "Joseph" or "Cabote."
  2. Cheskgariya is a constituent state of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth.
  3. Great River is a constituent state of the United Kingdoms of Greater Islip.
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