Great Lakes Council

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Great Lakes Council
  • French:Concordien unional l'organisation
    Russian:Организация Конкордия Союза
Flag of The Great Lakes Council
Motto: "Durci ensemble" (French)
"Hardened together"
Anthem: William Tell Overture: Finale by Gioachino Rossini

US states highlighted which include GLC members (excluding the Canadian Province of Ontario)
US states highlighted which include GLC members (excluding the Canadian Province of Ontario)
Administrative centerPaloma City, Paloma
Working languageEnglish
TypePeace making organisation
GovernmentSupranational and intergovernmental
• Chairman
Aidan McGrath
• Supreme Justice
Jackson I
Establishment25 November 2019
• Creation bill passed
24 November 2019
• Constitution drafted
7 April 2019
25 April 2019
CurrencyPaloman dinero
Kapresh dollar
Time zoneUTC-5; UTC-4 (Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone)

The Great Lakes Council (GLC), is an intergovernmental organization responsible for maintaining regional peace and security, developing friendly relations among Great Lakes nations (micronations located in the Canadian Province of Ontatio and the U.S States of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota), achieving regional cooperation, and being a center for harmonizing the actions of nations. The GLC is headquartered on international territory in Paloma City; other main offices are in Charriot'sVille, which the building is shared with the Paloman Embassy to Kapreburg.

The GLC has four principal organs: the General Assembly; the Security Council; the Trusteeship Council; and the Supreme Court of the GLC. The GLC's leader is the Chairman, currently by the Paloman President and diplomat Aidan McGrath since the GLC's founding on the 25 November 2019. The organization is financed by assessed and voluntary contributions from its member states.


In fall of 2019, one year after the end of the World Micronational Commitee, the President of the Socialist State of Paloma, Aidan McGrath, wanted a new more organized organization for micronations in the general area of the Great Lakes region. The organisation was formed between the founding member states of Socialist State of Paloma (located in Michigan), the Empire of Kapreburg and the Federal Union of Wegmat (both located in Illinois).


In late December 2019, the GLC was organized and began to invite members from the Microwiki Community. The organisation expanded adding two nations, the Somcowian Federation and the Grand Duchy of Sayville. Additionally, the organisation also received one independent observer representing no country, that is Anna Telford.


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GLC General Assembly
— Deliberative assembly of all GLC member states and obsevers —
Supreme Court of the GLC
— Universal court for international law —
  • May resolve non-compulsory recommendations to states or suggestions to the Security Council (GLCSC);
  • Decides on the admission of new members, following proposal by the GLCSC;
  • Adopts the budget;
  • Elects the non-permanent members of the GLCSC; and the 2 judges of the Supreme Court of the Great Lakes Council (SCGLC). Each country has one vote.
  • Decides disputes between states that recognize its jurisdiction;
  • Issues legal opinions;
  • Renders judgment by relative majority. Its 2 judges are elected by the GLC General Assembly for a one year term.
GLC Security Council
— For international security issues —
GLC Trusteeship Council
— For administering trust territories, Colonies and Compacts —
  • Formed and designed to manage colonial possessions or Compact agreements between states in the GLC.