Paloman dinero

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Paloman dinero
Federal Bank NotesOne dollar coin (obverse)
Symbol$, PD$, P$
List of nicknames
  • Dindin, plata
  • Plural:
  • pawns
 Freq. used$10, $20 $50, $100
 Rarely used1$
Coins1$, 20$
Date of introductionDecember 30, 2019; 4 years ago (2019-12-30)
ReplacedPaloman Peso
User(s) Paloma unofficial users:
Idolas (Ikonia)
Central bankFederal Reserve Bank of Paloma
PrinterBureau of Engraving and Printing
MintPaloma City State Mint
Pegged with1.00 CUC = 1.00 U.S. dollar

The Paloman dinero (symbol: $; code: FPD; also abbreviated PD$; referred to as the dinero, Paloman dollar, or colloquially dindin) is the official currency of Paloma and several other territories. The Printing Act of 2022 established the Paloman dinero at par with the United States dollar being pegged to it 1:1. Paloman banknotes are issued in the form of Federal Reserve Bank notes, popularly called monopoly due to their colorful reverses. The monetary policy of Paloma is conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank, which acts as the nation's central bank.

The Paloman dinero was originally called the Paloman peso however the Peso was replaced with the Dinero in December 2019 to avoid confusion with the Mexican or Filipino Peso.


Currently circulating, Paloman Dinero banknotes date from the first series that were made by Aidan McGrath in 2019.

Denomination Obverse and reverse Portrait Reverse motif First series Latest series Circulation
One Dinero Tecumseh Wayne County Building and Cadillac's arrival Series A (2019) Series E (2022) Wide
Five Dinero José Martí State Seal of Paloma Series E (2022) Series E (2022) Wide
10 Dinero Karl Marx Sibley Quarry and two crossed pickaxes Series A (2019) Series E (2022) Wide
Fifty Dinero Christopher Columbus Lake Paloma Series A (2019) Series E (2022) Wide
One Hundred Dinero Francisco de Miranda Paloman infrastructure Series A (2019) Series E (2022) Wide


Image Value
Colour Description


Reverse Obverse Reverse Description Date of Issue
20 Paloman Dinero coin (Obverse) 20 Paloman Dinero coin (Reverse) $20 Brass plated Zinc President Aidan McGrath and Vice President Jack Morris 20 Dinero listed on back in Spanish and Braille with the national motto, surrounded by a Laurel wreath Highest coin amount 14 March 2020
20 Paloman Dinero coin (Obverse) 20 Paloman Dinero coin (Reverse) $1 3d printed plastic Persona of Paloma Second highest coin amount 21 April 2021