Plushunian Ban

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Plushunian Ban
Official usersPlushuniaFlag2.png Plushunia
Pegged toRON (1 RON = 100 PUB)
Coins1, 5, 10, 50
Central bankBank of Plushunia

The Plushunian Ban is the national currency of Plushunia. It was introduced in summer 2018, in order to replace the hyperinflated Plushunian Leu, which dealt with very high devalorisation caused by poor economic policy. The Ban is used as legal tender in Plushunia alongside the Romanian Leu, and, while being de jure the national currency of the country, it finds little practical use and had no physical form for most of its existence (an attempt to establish it as a non-physical currency used through the National Payment System being made, with no success, in 2018) plastic coins and tokens used as legal tender only being introduced in 2020.

Preceded by: Currency of Plushunia Succeded by: PlushuniaFlag2.png
Plushunian Leu 2018 - present Incumbent