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Coat of arms
File:Warwickshire, England
and largest city
Macmillan City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy (Provisional)
• President
• Vice-President
Chilli the Cat
• Assistant President
Hamish Marcon
LegislatureConstituent Assembly
Establishment3 August 2019
• Census
1 English, 52 Plushunians
CurrencyPlushunian Ban
Time zoneGMT+0

Macmillan (IPA: /mæk.mɪ.lʌn/) is an Overseas Territory of Plushunia, founded on 3 August 2019 by incumbent Governor Vilcho. It claims a small 25.5 cm x 19.5 cm area consisting of a Macmillan Encyclopedia. An important aspect of Macmillan (and Plushunia itself) is that it recognises toys as citizens alongside humans.


The name "Macmillan" comes from the name of the publishers of the encyclopedia that composes the whole of Macmillan's Territory.



Macmillan was founded on 3 August 2019, after President Cristi of Plushunia decided to create a Discord server for the nation and declared Plushunia open for the establishment of Overseas Territories also recognising toys as citizens. Several persons announced their interest in establishing such territories, including President Vilcho of Helvetica (now defunct), who decided to establish the Overseas Territory of Macmillan.

On the 20th August 2019, the first Territorial Census was held. This increased the number of citizens from 5 to 52.

On the 21st August 2019, Governor Vilcho announced the Provisional Basic Law, a constitutional document indented to be used while the full Basic Law is drafted. The Provisional Basic Law is waiting to be voted on in the Peoples Assembly.


In its final meeting the People's Assembly voted unanimously to adopt the Provisional Basic Law, with one amendment, renaming the General Council, to the Constituent Assembly. Elections for the newly established Constituent Assembly will take place on Saturday, and the Assembly's first order of businesses shall be to elect its President, who will preside over the Constituent Assembly and act as the Head of State and Government of Macmillan.

Government and Politics


Due to its small number of citizens, Macmillan used to use direct democracy. The People's Assembly was composed of all citizens. One of the main duties of the Assembly was to elect the Governor and Deputy Governor.

Executive Branch

The Governor and Deputy Governor formed the Executive Office of Macmillan. They were elected directly by the citizens for 2 years and 1 year for the Governor and Deputy Governor respectively. The Executive Office was tasked with exercising authority in and holding responsibility for the governance of Macmillan. They also executed and enforced the law. The incumbent Governor was Vilcho and the incumbent Deputy Governor was Hamish Marcon.

Legislative Branch

People's Assembly

The Legislature of Macmillan was the People's Assembly. All citizens were members and each was allotted one vote. The Assembly meat every two months, on the last Saturday. When the Assembly was in recess, decisions were made by the Standing Committee, which was made up of the Governor, the Deputy Governor and the High Representative of the People. The Assembly was tasked with enacting legislation and observing and steering governing actions. Members of the Assembly were called Representatives during proceedings but were not given any title outside the chamber.

High Representative of the People

The High Representative of the People represented the peoples will when the Assembly was not in session. When the Assembly was in session the High Representative chaired its meetings. They were elected by the Assembly and held a seat on the Standing Committee. The incumbant High Representative was Barry the Bear.

Judicial Branch

There was no judiciary in Macmillan during the Pre-Provisional Government, however, should the need for one arose the People's Assembly would perform this function.




Important Citizens