Plushunian legislative election, September 2020

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Plushunian legislative election, September 2020

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All 25 seats of the Plushunian Parliament
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Iepuroi Hop Ludovic Purcel Rilă Slobozeanu
Party Democratic Liberal Party (Plushunia) PNL, PNȚCD, PC PSD, UNPP
Alliance Liberal Alliance (Plushunia) Social Democratic Union (Plushunia)
Leader since 2019 2019 2020
Leader's seat PL-3 PL-1 National list
Last election 7+1 4 5+1
Seats won 10 7 5
Seat change 2 3 1
Popular vote 103 95 87
Percentage 30.21% 27.86% 25.51%
Swing 12.49% 8.20% 3.70%

  Fourth party
Leader Iepure Portocaliu
Party National Democratic Party (Plushunia)
Leader since 2019
Leader's seat National list
Last election 2
Seats won 3
Seat change 1
Popular vote 56
Percentage 16.42%
Swing 7.99%

Prime Minister before election

Rilă Slobozeanu

Prime Minister after election

Iepuraș Slobozan

Elections for the Plushunian Parliament were held on 6 September 2020. Unlike the previous legislative elections, in which the members of the Parliament were elected using a proportional party-list system, the September election used a mixed member majoritarian (parallel voting) system, part of the members of the Parliament being elected proportionally from national party lists while the other part was elected through the first-past-the-post system from 8 single-member constituencies. Furthermore, the number of Parliament seats increased from 20 to 25, so that the Parliament will no longer enter gridlock due to it being split in equal factions.

The election was originally set to take place on 23 August, although in late July 2020 it was rescheduled for 30 August 2020, with the electoral campaign starting on 17 August. However, due to several technical difficulties with the organisation of the elections during summertime and in safe conditions given the COVID-19 pandemic, they were once again postponed through a decision of the Plushunian Parliament on 24 August, the election being finally scheduled for 6 September and the electoral campaign being prolonged for one more week.

The election resulted in a landslide victory of the Democratic Liberal Party, that managed to win 40% of the seats in the Parliament, a historical record, despite it only winning 30% of the popular vote.

Voting system and constituencies

For the first time in Plushunian history, the next legislature will be elected through a mixed member majoritarian (parallel voting) system instead of the party-list proportional representation system. Thus, 17 seats of the Parliament will be filled through proportional representation, while the 8 remaining MPs will be elected through the first-past-the-post system from 8 single-member constituencies, every voter actually participating in two simultaneous elections, one to fill the 17 proportionally distributed seats and the other to elect the representative of the single-member constituency in which the voter resides.

Due to the nature of the new voting system, the country was divided by the Government in 8 electoral constituencies, each having around 50 residents. The electoral constituencies are:

 • Plușeni 1 (the Plușurilor sector)
 • Plușeni 2 (the Unirea Vest neighborhood)
 • Plușeni 3 (the Unirea Est and Industriilor neighborhoods)
 • New Plușeni 1 (the eastern part of the Municipality of New Plușeni)
 • New Plușeni 2 (the western part of the Municipality of New Plușeni)
 • Ialomița 1 (the eastern part of the Municipality of Ialomița)
 • Ialomița 2 (the western part of the Municipality of Ialomița)
 • Argeș 1 (the Municipality of Argeș)

Competing parties, candidates and pre-election agreements

The Democratic Liberal Party

The Social Democratic Union

The Liberal Alliance

The National Democratic Party


e • d Election for the Plushunian Parliament, 9 February 2019
Parties Results
Seats % Votes %
Democratic Liberal Party 10 40% 103 30.21%
Liberal Alliance 7 28% 95 27.86%
Social Democratic Union 5 20% 87 25.51%
National Democratic Party 3 12% 56 16.42%
Total 25 100% 341 100%

The results of the election were published on 7 September 2020.