Toys' Worker Party

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Toys' Worker Party
PresidentUrsu Polarescu
FoundedOctober 2017
DissolvedDecember 2018
Membership (June 2018)10
Political positionLeft
ColorsRed, Golden
AnthemThe Internationale

The Toys' Worker Party (PMJ for short) was a socialist party in Plushunia. The party was founded in October 2017 by leftist politician Văcuța Baciu, and disestablished in December 2018 after merging with the Popular Revolutionary Front to form the Plushunian Socialist Party. It was member of the former Social Alliance.



The party was founded in October 2017 by two leftist politicians and Pluseni Imobiliary Company directors, Văcuţa Baciu and Ursuleț Pluşeanu. The two are very close friends and succeeded in having Ursu Polarescu join the party as a third member. At the October 2017 election, the party won around 10% of the votes and 3 seats (occupied by V. Baciu, U. Pluseanu and U. Polarescu) and was part of the Social Alliance coalition created by the Popular Revolutionary Front as an alternative to the right-wing Democratic Convention.


The party was in opposition for almost eight months, until the Hop cabinet was dismissed by a motion of no confidence initiated by the Liberals. The months before the dismissal of the Hop Cabinet also saw the rise of the Toys' Worker Party within the Social Alliance and of the Social Alliance within Plushunian politics, especially due to the propaganda made by Ursu Polarescu, who promised in the name of his party and alliance that the Social Alliance will repair all the economic and social mistakes made by the rather disastruous Cabinet led by Iepuroi Hop and the party reached 7 members. After the Hop cabinet was dismissed the Toys' Worker Party MPs were among the MPs who resigned to force snap elections. At the snap elections the PMJ won 20% of the votes and 6 seats, and was designated by the other Social Alliance to provide the Prime Minister of Plushunia. Originally the President wanted to designate Baciu as Prime Minister but switched to Polarescu after one of the Presidential Counsellors said that "Baciu lacked authority".

In government

While in government, the party (and most especially its leader Ursu Polarescu) held an almost hegemonic sway over the Social Alliance and even over Plushunia as a whole, the period of maximum dominance being during the term of the Polarescu I cabinet, which was supported by 66,7% of the members of the Parliament. Even after the Democratic Party's defection to the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats (forcing the Social Alliance to form a weak coalition with the National Front), the party and its leader were still considered as the most important political forces in Plushunia. However the increasingly Socialist policies (calculation-in-kind for the parties, workers' self-management for the companies) of the party and the Social Alliance as a whole were negatively recieved by the middle-class of Plushunia, who started several protests in Pluşeni. After several clashes with the Security Forces, the rebels overran the former and defeated the militias recruited by the Government, with the riots quickly degenerating into a full scale civil war, which came to be known as the Plushunian Civil War.


Despite the Government's victory in the Civil War, the reputation of the Social Alliance was severely damaged by the economic recession triggered by the alliance's economic policies, with the alliance splitting into a moderate, Social Democrat faction, whose parties merged into the Social Democratic Party, and a radical, more Socialist faction (including the Toys' Worker Party), which merged into the Plushunian Socialist Party.

Electoral performance

Election Alliance Votes won Seats won
Oct 2017 AS
164 / 475
3 / 30
Jun 2018 AS
210 / 300
6 / 30