National Democratic Party (Plushunia)

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National Democratic Party
Partidul Național Democrat
PresidentIepure Portocaliu
SloganStrength and Unity
FoundedDecember 2019
Membership  (2020)~20
Political positionRight-wing
Official colorsPurple
Seats in the Plushunian Parliament
3 / 25

The National Democratic Party is a nationalist, conservative Plushunian party formed in late 2019 through the merger of the Plushunian National Unity Party and the Unity and Solidarity Party. It is a small party, having 2 seats (10%) in the Plushunian Parliament, also being the only nationalist party in Plushunia. Currently PND is in opposition, having participated though in the Hop II (before 9 June 2020) and Slobozeanu I cabinets. The highest office ever held by a National Democratic Party member is that of President of the Parliament, occupied by PND leader Iepure Portocaliu between July and September 2020.


The most recent from a series of nationalist parties whose origin can be tracked back to the National Front, the National Democratic Party was founded in December 2019, by the merger of the Unity and Solidarity Party (a short-lived political movement founded by future PND leader Iepure Portocaliu, which was formed after the nationalist wing of the Save Plushunia Union decided to break away from the party in October 2019) and the Plushunian National Unity Party (which was founded by a dissident, radical wing of the National Front which split from the party in August 2019 when it decided to merge with the Democratic Party).


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