Aenopian Plushunia

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Overseas Territory of Aenopian Plushunia
  Overseas territory of Pluhu  


Anthem: "Gustav Holst- Jupiter" (orchestral)
Orphographic map of Aenopian Plushunia
Orphographic map of Aenopian Plushunia
Country  Plushunia
Aenopian annexation 22 July 2019
Cession from Aenopia 3 August 2019
 - President of Plushunia Cristian Dobrev
 - Governor Simon Reeve
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Time zone AMT (Aenopian Mean Time) (UTC+100 Minutes)
Aenopian Motorways
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International airports

Aenopian Plushunia is an overseas territory of Plushunia, located in the East Midlands of England. It was founded on 4 August 2019 by incumbent Governor Simon Reeve. It has an area of 57m² (613 ft²) and is enclaved entirely by the Empire of Aenopia. Aenopian Plushunia is one of four Plushunian overseas territories, and one of two located in the United Kingdom, the other being the Overseas Territory of Macmillan. Aenopian Plushunia was initially annexed by Aenopia on 22 July 2019 as part of the territory of Aenopian Calver, before being annexed by Plushunia on 5 August 2019.

Despite being an Overseas Territory of Plushunia, Aenopian Plushunia's status was disputed by the Aenopian Government until January 2022, which recognised it as a crown dependency due to its Aenopian-like culture and location within the territory of Aenopian Calver. As a result, it was formerly recognised as being 'politically Plushunian and geographically Aenopian' by Governor Simon Reeve, similar to the commune of Campione d'Italia. Aenopia has since dropped its claim over Aenopian Plushunia and recognises it as an overseas territory of Plushunia.

Aenopian Plushunia has a diverse culture comprised of a blend of Aenopian and Plushunian culture, including the recognition of various holidays, languages, etc. In addition, Aenopian Plushunia formerly recognised plush toys as citizens in line with Plushunian culture, however plush toys were officially revoked of citizenship in January 2022.


The name "Aenopian Plushunia" is a combination of the names Aenopia and Plushunia, representing both the mainland and the nation of origin. The name Aenopian Plushunia has been used in numerous cases as an example of Aenopian influence within the territory, and thus its association with Aenopia.

"Aenopian Plushunian" is the official demonym used to describe something belonging to or originating from Aenopian Plushunia, this is also the demonym for an individual from Aenopian Plushunia. Technically, "Aenopia Plushunia" can refer to the entire territory, or to the infrastructure of the area; there is a small distinction between the subjects.



Aenopian ownership

The former flags of Aenopian Plushunia adopted on 5 August 2019 and 20 May 2020 respectively.

The Empire of Aenopia annexed a small field located in close proximity to the village of Calver, Derbyshire on 22 July 2019. The towns of White and Sough were established shortly therefater, with the intention of establishing an embassy for the Empire of Emosia between the two towns following Aenopian independence. Instead of presenting the land to Emosia under the embassy proposal, the territory was submitted to the government of Plushunia by Simon Reeve whilst serving as Governor of Aenopia. The territory was annexed by Plushunia on 5 August 2019 at the same time as the overseas territory of Macmillan.[1]

Despite ceding Aenopian Plushunia to Plushunia in August 2019, the status of Aenopian Plushunia remained disputed. Aenopia coninued to claim that Aenopian Plushunia was culturally Aenopian and politically Plushunian. Aenopia continued to assert its claim over Aenopian Plushunia until late 2020, when it unofficially dropped the claim. Aenopia formally fully recognised Aenopian Plushunia as a Plushunian territory in January 2022, following the passing of the "X Act". Following the passing of the act, Aenopia dropped any claims regarding the culture of Aenopian Plushunia. Despite this, aspects of Aenopian Plushunia, such as the use of Aenopian Mean Time, remain in place.

Modern day



New Llandudno
Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation totals in mm

Aenopian Plushunoa experiences a temperate oceanic climate (Köppen: Cfb), like much of the British Isles, with warm summers and cool winters. Summer daytime temperatures regularly top 20 Celsius, quite often reaching 25 Celsius on sunny days during July and August in particular. In more recent years, temperatures have occasionally reached over 30 Celsius. There is regular but generally light precipitation throughout the year.[2] Temperatures are usually within a range of 2 °C - 7 °C in winter but can drop as low as -11 °C. Winters are characterized by rain and, in recent years, large downfalls of snow. Summers are warm and humid with occasional heavy rainstorms, however, there are usually only about one or two thunderstorms per year.[3] Aenopia's average annual rainfall is 806.6 millimetres (31.76 in)[4] compared to a UK average of 1,125.0 millimetres (44.29 in),[5]


Aenopian Plushunia has limited internal levels of self-governance through a parliament elected for a term of up to 6 months. The unicameral parliament consists of 3 elected seats, and the Governor who is not elected via an independent vote, but is appointed as the party leader of the majority party.[a] Unlike other Plushunian Municipalities, Aenopian Plushunia is not represented on a national level by either the government or the parliament of Plushunia. The head of state is the Plushunian President Cristian Dobrev, who is represented on a local level by the Governor. The governor enacts day-to-day matters on the advice of the Aenopian Plushunian Parliament, but is responsible to the Plushunia government in respect of defence, foreign policy and internal security. Judicial and other appointments are made on behalf of the head of state in consultation with the head of the elected government.

In recent times, the push for further autonomy has grown in strength as a result of consistent inactivity within Plushunia.


The head of state of Aenopian Plushunia is the Governor, who holds absolute power. This office is appointed by the President of Plushunia, Cristi. This position is currently held by Emperor of Aenopia Simon Reeve and has been since the region's foundation in 4 August 2019.


Political parties


Aenopian Plushunia enjoys a fairly basic culture which is primaryily based around Plushunian and Aenopian culture, the latter which follows Western Culture due to its geographical location in the world and subsequently, its population. Some Christian holidays which have become embedded into Western society (Christmas, Easter, ect.) are recognized by the population as National Holidays and as a result, celebrated. These may include Aenopian features (such as adopting the Welsh Language as its primary language) and Plushunian features (such as recognising Plush toys as citizens) and sometimes even features prominent in both societies (e.g. recognising Bobism as a state religion and National Holidays from both nations)


English is the most commonly spoken language in Aenopian Plushunia due to its Geographic location and is known and used daily by the entirety of the population. English is the only language used for government business, although some Welsh is rarely used for more ceremonial occasions. The overseas territory also recognises Welsh as a state language due to the local Aenopian influences. Romanian is also recognised as the 3rd state language of the territory on behalf of Plushunia.


Aenopian Plushunia is a mostly Atheism-based nation, however recognises a small religion called Bobism as its State Religion. This is mostly thanks to the influence of Plushunia and Aenopia which both recognise it as a state religion. This follows Bob the late fish of Alex Halbesleben (the former Emperor of Qaflana and Governor of Ogel), for which during its life was known to have eaten rocks and had regular seizures. Bobism initially evolved from a meme in the Organisation of Active Micronations (2019) which initially attempted to make Bobism the official Religion of the Organisation.

Public holidays

Date Holiday Remark
1 January New Year's Day Beginning of New Year.
15 January Reflection day To reflect on how glum and boring January is
15 January Workers Day Celebrates the work provided by labourers and the working classes internationally.
1 July Foundation day (Aenopia) Celebrates the first Independence day of Aenopia
4 August Formation Day Celebrates the annexation of the territory by Plushunia
28 September National Talk like Mr Krabs Day Dedicated towards talking like Mr Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants
20 October Foundation Day (Plushunia) Celebrates the date when Plushunia declared its independence
22 November Start your own Country Day[6] Celebrates the fact that anyone can start their own Micronation if they wish which is a key fundamental part of Aenopia and it's continued existence
25 December Christmas Day [7] Not officially recognised by The Emperor due to it being a religious holiday, however it's still celebrated by many people
26 December End of Christmas Celebrates the return of order and work to the Empire of Aenopia after the festive period has ended

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