LGBTQ+ rights in Aenopia

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World map of the Empire of Aenopia
StatusLegal since 2019
Gender identityTransgender people allowed to change legal gender
MilitaryNo restrictions on military service
Discrimination protectionsSexual orientation and gender identity constitutional protections
Protection under the LGBTQA+ Act[1]
Family rights
Recognition of relationshipsSame-sex marriage since 2019,
Civil unions since 2019
AdoptionNo restrictions on adoption

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights have maintained a constant presence in Aenopia since its establishment in 2019. Unlike the majority of sovereign states, Aenopia has supported the wider LGBT community and LGBT citizens for the entirety of its existence, and as such is recognised in the micronational community as an LGBT-friendly nation. The guaranteed rights of LGBT citizens were implemented into the constitution alongside the rights of all Aenopian citizens and are often recognised state-wide. LGBT citizens enjoy the same legal rights as non-LGBT citizens, with the rights to express oneself as LGBT being recognised under the UN Declaration of Human Rights, particularly Articles 1 and 2.[2]

LGBT citizens are represented by various legislation and treaties, most notably the LGBTQA+ Act of 2021, which guarantees the rights of LGBT individuals, particularly but not limited to Aenopian citizens.[1] The act was published in November 2021 in response to anti-LGBT conduct in the micronational community and to further cement the pro-LGBT stance of Aenopia. Same-sex marriage, civil unions and other relationships have been legal since the establishment of Aenopia in 2019. There are no restrictions on LGBT citizens serving openly in the Aenopian Defence League or adopting a child.[a] In addition, Aenopia is a signatory of the Augusta Accord, after ratifying the convention on 13 April 2022.[3]

Within the micronational community, Aenopia ranks highly in LGBT right surveys based on its universal acceptance of members of the LGBT community. Aenopia was ranked as the sixth most LGBT friendly nation as part of the Statistic Fire's LGBT Rights Index with a score of 19, making it 'very LGBT friendly'. In addition, Aenopia was declared as the most LGBT-friendly member state of the Cupertino Alliance alongside Tesforia, Australis, Pinelandia and Wegmat during the LGBT rights survey conducted by the Alliance in September 2021.[4]

Recognition of same-sex relationships

Discrimination protection

Constitutional protection for all Aenopian citizens, including LGBT citizens, have formally been in place since the Aenopian Constitution was introduced in January 2020. However, LGBT citizen-specific legislature did not exist until the passing of the LGBTQA+ Act in November 2021. As such, LGBT citizens are primarily protected under two pieces of legislature; the Aenopian Constitution and the LGBTQA+ Act. Although the former does not directly provide protection against discrimination, the Aenopian Constitution promotes the protection of liberties such as the right to safety for an individual or their associates.

The Empire of Aenopia promises to give its inhabitants and people the right for free, unhindered speech unless it comes across as treason to the throne, abusive or impactive to those of a minority group or gender. The previous statement includes sexuality, background, different political ideologies or opinions, ect.

— Article I Section I and II of the Aenopian Constitution[5]


Summary table

Worldwide status of homosexuality
  • Homosexuality legal
  •   Marriage
  •   Marriage recognized, but not performed
  •   Civil unions and registered partnerships
  •   Limited legal recognition (domestic cohabitation)
  •  /striped (No legal recognition, but some jurisdictions offer non-binding certification)
  •   Limited recognition (foreign residency rights)
  •   Same-sex unions not recognized
  •   Laws restricting freedom of expression and association
  • Same-sex intercourse illegal or effectively illegal
  •   Illegal, although no charges filed over the last three years
  •   Imprisonment
  •   Up to life in prison
  •   Prison, death penalty on books but not applied
  •   Up to death (stripes: death under areas of militant control)
Click on map to view an enlarged version where rings in various locations become visible. These indicate places with local or case-by-case applications of law.
Same-sex sexual activity checkY Yes
Equal age of consent (16) checkY Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in employment checkY Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas checkY Yes
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity checkY Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples checkY Yes
Same-sex marriage checkY Yes
Adoption by same-sex couples checkY Yes
Gays allowed to serve in local militias checkY Yes
Right to change legal gender checkY Yes
MSMs allowed to donate blood checkY Yes

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  1. Although there are no restrictions on adoption, Aenopia does not operate any adoption services and as such any adopting citizens adhere to adoption laws in the United Kingdom.


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