Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility

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Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility
MOAV Logo 2020.png

Founded June 26, 2020
Founder Arctic Skulk

Headquarters Veskrai, Suverska
Area served Worldwide

Membership 3 signatories to charter

Focus Reduciding discrimination and increasing visibility for people in the asexual community

The Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility, also commonly known by the abbreviation MOAV (/ˈmæv/) is an non-governmental organization that aims to increase visibility and acceptance, and at the same time reduce discrimination of asexuals and other people in the asexual community. The organisation was founded in June 2020 by Arctic Skulk, the President of Suverska. Since its founding, MOAV has aimed to make a difference for asexual people and their allies in the micronational community by promoting increased awareness of asexuality and ensuring legal equality for asexuals and the end to discrimination against asexuals. The organisation has also been known to support other less-visible groups in the LGBT+ community beyond just the asexual community, including bisexual, pansexual, intersex and non-binary individuals.


The idea of creating an LGBT+ or, more specifically, an asexuality-focused intermicronational organisation based out of Suverska originated in mid-2019, with government-sponsored LGBT+ research originating back to September 2018. By April 2020, the idea was beginning to become reality as plans were finalised for the Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility, and on June 26, 2020, the organisation was officially formed by President Arctic Skulk.


The MOAV charter began being written in June 2020, and the document remains a fluid and adaptable piece of work to date. The charter outlines the basic beliefs of the organisation, and signing it is considered an act of support for and solidarity with the asexual community. As of July 20, 2020, three nations have signed onto the charter.

Nations and organisations who have signed onto the MOAV charter are as follows:


Platform to Asexual Equality

Asexual Equality Index

In July 2020, MOAV began to keep an index of governments ranked by their treatment and inclusion of asexuals. The index ranks nations on a letter grade scale from A+ to F, with nations who "display outstanding legal protection and societal acceptance of people in the asexual community" receiving an A+, while nations who fail to do so appear lower on the scale. The scale is as follows.

Updated as of July 10, 2020, the results of the survey are as follows.

Score Government Notes
A+ Vandewall Principality (Info) The Vandewal Principality is commited to protect asexuals and aromantics, and is a LGBT+-supportive society.
A Aenderia (Info) The Aenderian Constitution protects individuals of any orienation, and asexuals are mentioned as part of the LGBT+ community.
New York (state) (Info) The Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act protects asexuals.
Suverska Suverska prohibits discrimination based on sexual orienation, and is the location of MOAV headquarters.
B Caudonia (Info) Anti-discrimination laws extend to people of any sexual orientation, therfore including asexuals.
Cycoldia (Info) The Constitution of Cycoldia protects the LGBT+ community, and the nation is LGBT+-friendly.
Mahuset (Info) Anti-discrimination laws in the Confederation of Mahuset extend to people of any sexual orientation, therfore including asexuals.
Misberia (Info) Misberia prohibits discrimination based on sexual orienation, and is tolerant of the LGBT+ community.
Sabia and Verona (Info) The Constitution of Sabia and Verona protects individuals regardless of sexual orienation.
C Lytera (Info) The Kingdom of Lytera is supportive of and protects the LGBT+ community, but this protection does not extend to asexuals.
New Eiffel (Info) New Eiffel has moderate support and protection for the the rights of gender and sexual minorities, but this protection is limited.
Posaf (Info) The Principality of Posaf offers some legal protections for LGBT+ people, but these protections are limited.
D Brienia (Info) The nation is fairly anti-LGBT in terms of its legal protections for the community.
United States (Info) No nationwide protection from discrimination based on orientation, proposed Equality Act does not include asexuals.
F Canada (Info) Citizenship can be denied to spouses who did not consummate, therefore delegitimising many asexual marriages. [citation needed]
Nedland (Info) The MOAV has declared Nedland an enemy of LGBT+ rights, and asexuality is considered a mental illness.
Russia (Info) Asexual and transgender individuals are denied driver's licences and pro-LGBT+ speech and expression is censored or prohibited. [citation needed]