Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility

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Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility

Founded June 26, 2020
Dissolved July 12, 2021

Membership 3 signatories to charter

Focus Reduciding discrimination and increasing visibility for people in the asexual community

The Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility, also commonly known by the abbreviation MOAV (/ˈmæv/) was a non-governmental organization focused on asexuals. Founded in June 2020, MOAV was founded in June 2020 with the aim of positively impacting asexual people and their allies in the micronational community by promoting increased awareness of asexuality and ensuring legal equality for asexuals and the end to discrimination against asexuals.

The organization dissolved on July 12, 2021, just over one year after its creation.


The MOAV charter began being written in June 2020, and the document remains a fluid and adaptable piece of work to date. The charter outlines the basic beliefs of the organisation, and signing it is considered an act of support for and solidarity with the asexual community. As of July 20, 2020, three nations have signed onto the charter.

Nations and organisations who have signed onto the MOAV charter are as follows: