Republic of Scoria

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Republic of Scoria
Flag scoria.pngCrest scoria.png

Ad orbem per technicam (Latin: To the world through science)
Scoria location.png
Capital city Breccia
Largest city Breccia
Official language(s) English, German
Official religion(s) humanism
Short name Scoria
Demonym Scorian
Government Republic
- President R.M. Grainger
- Prime Minister R.M. Grainger (acting)
Legislature Parliament
Established 2018
Area claimed Islands of Scariff and Deenish (1.97km²)
Population tbc
Currency 1 Buck = 100 Chucks
HDI {{{HDI}}}
Time zone GMT
National animal Pug
Patron saint St. Steve of Cupertino

Government website

The Republic of Scoria is a micronation that declared independence on March 3, 2018. Scoria consists of the two islands of Scariff and Deneesh, located at the far south west of the Island of Ireland.


The name Scoria is derived from the mineral Scoria, a basaltic lava ejected as fragments from a volcano, typically with a frothy texture. As the islands of Scariff and Deenish are of volcanic origin this is the most found type of ground on both islands.


The Republic of Scoria consists of the two islands of Scariff and Deenish situated in the far south west of the island of Ireland. In 1837 only one family lived on Scariff; their main work was to care the cattle which grazed on the island. On the summit of the hill there were remains of an ancient hermitage and, on the east side, ruins of a church. In 1837 on Deenish (which at that time was called Dinish) resided three families who mainly lived on the cattle which grazed on the island. After both islands were very neglected by the irish government R.M. Grainger took possession of both islands and declared them as independent by forming the new Republic of Scoria. Since then a racy development took place which made Scoria one of the fastest growing economies worldwide.

Government and politics

His Excellency President R.M. Grainger.

Scoria is governed by a democratically elected government. A prime minister runs the government which is elected by a parliament. Several political parties from far left to far right exist while the extreme parties do not have any relevance for the political culture. Current head of state is his Excellency President R.M. Grainger. Until elections can be held R.M. Grainger also holds the position of acting prime minister.

Law and order

The three powers are independent from each other and are supervised by independent commissions which are elected by the people. There is a strong police force which is is seen as a guarantor for the peoples' security. People do not feel monitored but protected. There is no right for citizens to keep or carry firearms. Only police forces and special task forces are armed.

Foreign relations

At this point Scoria is building relations to other micronations; due to being the youngest nation this is an ongoing process that has just started. So far we are recognised and could establish friendly relationships with the Kingdom of Ruritania and the Republic of Molossia as well as with the World Peace of Nations.


Scoria does not have armed military forces but a highly specialised cyber army. This highlights the peaceful character of the nation but also the fact that a modern military conflict is not decided on a battlefield.

Geography and climate

The historic parliament building in Scoria's capital Breccia.

Scoria is one of the most western country of Europe now. The climate is mild mediterran in summer with temperature up to 22 °C and mild winters with temperatures falling below 0 °C rarely.


Scoria is the leading nation for the development of new, groundbreaking technologies. Electricity is to be produced from renewable sources only as solar power, wind energy, tidal power. Nuclear power or lignite-fired power plants are not an option. Cars with alternative technologies are promoted. Electric, fuel cell and gas powered cars are Scoria's future.


Highest focus is on education of the youth; research, development and culture are of highest significance. Scoria wants to give the coming generation the best possible education to prepare them for coming challenges. Both islands of Deenish and Scariff have a Celtic history going back nearly 2000 years. Scoria's culture is affected by a deep respect for each other.


Press and media are free, censorship does not exist. But everybody can be held responsible for their statements. All newspapers, TV channels, webpages etc are free in their coverage, there's no governmental intervention.


Official currency of Scoria is the Buck (฿) which is subdivided into 100 Chucks (¢).

The conversion rate of the Buck is fixed and bond to the Euro (€). ฿1.00 = €1.00

Buck and Chuck coins.
Buck notes.

Theme on all notes and coins are birds as they can be found in Scoria's wonderful nature.

Mid term Scoria has the target to become the first money free nation and to process all payments, even the smallest, digitally. Every citizen will hold a dynamic and interactive payment card that gives an easy overview about all transactions via an included display. All payments will be done contactless, a full integration into smart phones and smart watches is a matter of course. The technology is available today and could be rolled out immediately.


Scorian Passport and National ID Card.

Scoria is accepting applications for citizenship, please visit the official Website for further details.

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