Kingdom of Stratton

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Kingdom of Stratton
Flag of Stratton
Coat of arms of Stratton
Coat of arms
LocationBedford, Texas
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
90% Christian
10% Eastern Orthodox
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Vincent Patros
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
Self Declared 
• Founding
30 May 2019
1.0764638084 km2 (0.4156250000 sq mi)
• 2021 census
Gini (2021)45.0
HDI (2021)0.700
CurrencyPound Stratton (PDS)
Time zoneUTC-5 (CST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Stratton, formally known as the Kingdom of Stratton, is a Constitutional Monarchy in the Dallas, Texas region. The nation is a self-declared nation, claiming 66 acres in Northeast Texas, as well as 200 acres in Germany. Stratton was established on the 30th of May 2019, as a means of providing a monarchist nation in North Texas, among other reasons. The nation holds several cultures including Irish, Italian, Scottish, and Greek.


The name Stratton is an alternate spelling of Straiton, the family name of the king's ancestor who immigrated to America from Scotland. The two houses that form the royal family , House Neal and House Patros, are similarly derived from old family surnames.


Vincent Patros and Marguret Neal-Patros established the nation after Vincent (then known as Tyler Hibler) served with the Commonwealth of Dracul in their Department of State. On May 30, 2019, the kingdom was founded partially on impulse and part as a protest against the many issues with democracy as it is practiced in America.

Geography, Climate, and Environment

Stratton's territory is privately owned by citizens who choose to register their land. The territory is almost entirely farmland. There are plans to purchase land and build a capitol city in the form of an off- grid community.



The national dish of Stratton is Moussaka, a Greek dish made with eggplant layered with a tomato and bell pepper based meat sauce and topped with a goat cheese bechamel. The kingdom also produces alcoholic beverages in the form of mead and whisky. The first batch of the whisky is currently in the works.

Government and Politics

Foreign Relations

Stratton welcome requests for foreign relations with well established nations, with a focus on trade of goods, services, and ideas


Stratton's economy is not interfered with by the government, leaving it's function to the people and letting the people regulate it as they see fit.

The largest industry in Stratton is manufacturing, more specifically 3D printing. 3D goods are offered as an export to other Micronations.


Stratton's military is currently being planned. It will be a group that does volunteer work, as well as raise awareness on a variety of issues.

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