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People's Republic of Federalia

Per Aspera Ad Astra.
English: throught difficulties, to the stars.
Capital cityAlox
Largest cityAlox, Noigas†
Official language(s)English, French, Spanish, German
Official religion(s)Paganism, Cristianism
GovernmentRevived Active federal. Social democracy under a uni-partidistic parliamentary republic
- PresidentHonorous Eric the first
Established8/9 June 2018
Area claimed13 m^2
Population2 residents, 2 citizens census without information
CurrencyEuro€(partially official currency); FEDs (official currency)
Time zone+1 GMT
National animalthe goat

People's Republic of Federalia also called Federalia for short. The correct abreviation is FED. It is a self-declared sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Federalia was established on a period of 2 days (8-9 June 2018).The Republic was stablish on that period, even if before there was a current monarquy of the same name. The crisis lived on colonies left to a separation of (old)Federalia and New Federalia. The nation of Federalia resides in the state of Spain and the European Union with small colonies claimed but now unhabited.