People's Republic of Federalia and New Federalia

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People's Republic of Federalia and New Federalia
Flag of Federalia
The Goat of Federalia
The Goat
Motto: Per Aspera Ad Astra.
Royal anthemEl Rossinyol
Anthem: Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg
Map of Alox.png
Federalia Now
and largest city
Official languages
GovernmentSocial-nationalistic party, autocracy
• President of Federalia
• President of New-Federalia
LegislatureEricsChamber(Diputy Chamber)
• Total
0.0342 km2 (0.0132 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2021 estimate
• 2021 census
• Density
87.7/km2 (227.1/sq mi)
CurrencyEuro€(partially official currency); Federal (official currency) IOS (₴) (International currency) (F)
Time zoneCET (UTC+1)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theboth
Calling codeTelephone numbers in Europe

The People's Republic of Federalia and New Federalia, more commonly known as the Federalian State, or simply Federalia, is a micronation formed and founded on 21 April 2015. The correct abreviation is FED. It has an autoritarian form of government under the Jahr Null policy, and currently has diplomatic ties with several other micronations. The nation of Federalia resides in the state of Spain and the European Union with small colonies claimed but now unhabited, including the region of New Federalia. Federalia currently has approximately 9 inhabitants but only 3 citizens . Official Government Website: [1]


The name came from the Federation that Used to be during the Monarchy where it was a two regions now called Ericland and Catland. The name start as an auxiliar name on March 2018 and official name on 8 June of 2018.


Federalian History was all recopiled on a annual book called Federalian Chronicals.

2015: It states that the country was founded because on an episode of a tv show where two brothers having an argument divided  their bedroom and treat it like a royalm.This gave User:Honorous_Eric_the_first an idea, make his own country inside my bedroom. To inform about this he made a tripticum explaining the new Optics effectes optics city.

2016: It began the installation of more effitient services such as "The journalist"(a newspaper to advertise a clock) and a new economic system with monopoly bills.

2017:Signature of the Convivence treaty [1 year and 5 months before the time contrincant].Suffered big pause.

2018:There was an attempt to reinstall the monarchy with the tricoloured flag. Finally, Federalia installed the democracy on 8 of june. President Frank was rewarded with Catland and Huxley(Farland) regions that stood independently for over the month of June. Finally it were installed the best services such as a bank and a postal service. The famous fair of august, The event that changed and remodeled all the stores and the money and the souvenirs. The great expansion where it was conquered farland, zeppelin land the fictitious island of west niuhunsey and reconquered catland. Rebels of both, Catland and Zeppelin land break down the country and founded New Federalia, capital Noigas. The West Niuhunsey war started when both feds wanted the salt mines from west nihunsey. Ending by a peace treaty and the fall of Noigas.

2019/2020: Both Feds, weakened by the war, tried to reunite under the federal union yet everyone would still make their job independently.The collapse cause the second west niuhunsey war(20/22 of january 2019).Another pause where all services become rudimentary. President Ray of New-Federalia inauguration(14 sept 2019)

2020/2021In july the 22th 2020 new ideas were flourishing. A new idea to end all poisoning external influences from Federalian soil. All restrictions fall onto all foreign ideas that must be erased. This was called year zero. Alox occupied New Federalia (25/Dec/2020) for the Reunion of the Federalias (20/Jan/2021). The presidency of Ray was the strongest between both New-Federalia. When he left office the unification  (18 Jun 2021 ).There were approved 4 tables of 76 laws according to Ericnian life plans. All institution were back as the EricsBanken, the EricsChancillery and the Ericsfeld. All National and unity spirit was back to save Federalia from the void. Annexation of a new Colony to built New Federalia there(West Zone) and East zone. 5th of july ingresion to the Euro-American_Micronational_Alliance and the Iosoa Union Micronations.


Located in Catalonia Spain, EU, Federalia have a mediterranean climate,is hot on the summer and cold on the winter with small intermediate seasons and few rains. Although the territories amount to less than than squared kilometer, they are very, powerful, rich, vibrant, and luxurious. Its soil is abundant on iron and silicate

The land is comoposed of Alox, the West Zone and the East Zone.


Federalian records had 9 inhabitants within only 4 remain as full citizens. The ones that dont live inside Federalaia are considered "Guests".


The 22% lived on Alox 11% lived on the second major city of Noigas and all the others on extrafronteric territories. Ethnicity only 44% are Spanish, 33% from other european countries and the rest 33% from american soil. Language 88% talk in spanish, the same amount talks Catalan; 66% can talk English ; 33% can talk French; and 22% can talk German. Age 77% of all civilians have between 15 and 64 years.


The 50% lived on Alox 25% lived on New Federalia and all the others on extrafronteric territories. Ethnicity only 25% are Spanish, 50% from other european countries and the rest 25% from american soil. Language 88% talk in spanish, the same amount talks Catalan; 66% can talk English ; 75% can talk French; and 50% can talk German. Age 100% of all civilians have between 15 and 64 years.


In the Popular republic of Federalia and New Federalia there is an authocratic state. It tries to only depend from itself and other countries in it athmosphere such as New Federalia when it was a country.Is all governed by User:Honorous_Eric_the_first Federalia has a centrist system where All the regions are controled by the Alox.In Alox we found The EricsAdministration, EricsChancillery and EricsChamber Juridical and Legislative(Senate) power is held by EricsChamber. The New Federalian president position is similar to a Favourite, who helps the Leader in the administration.

Law and order

Alox administration rensures the civil rights with a police department run by the military system itself.The 4 roman tables of laws (2021) are the current constitution. The police department has a very efective reaction in its boundries, is who redacted the Jahr Null policy. They can exile, expulsate or destroy any issue that threats the national stability. Runs the Federal Plunder to purify all the Federalian ideas.


The military was founded to expand the land and fight the West Niuhunsey wars. There is only a legion and 2 soldiers. The expenditures are about 9% of total budget. Currently there is a no-wars external policy that shares with diferent alliances(see foreign relations). There is an emergency protocole of war prepared and weaponry manufactured for exeptional cases.


Total GDP of ~53050 Federals. The Federal is fixated to 10 Federals for every Euro value. The agricultural and industrial sectors are almost non existent and are underdeveloped.All of this sectors are now under the party control. Energy solar factories are controled by the Energetic Enterprise. a Comunications are well developed with all national comunication systems( newspaper: West Union).Telephone and internet and Transportation are from the Ministery of Tecnology.Transportation: there is only two roads one in Federalia (is Bell square) and the other on New Federalia. The new prorogative caused to conglomerate all shops (all controled by the state) in one big mall. It provides everything to the country.


Cience is seen as a part of the progress and therefor something that every citizen must learn. Technology is rather seen as a threat to the nation hypercontroled by the Ministery. Art is heavily restricted due to Jahr Null policies. The most important art is Publicity. That is why there is a huge Times Square in a corner in Alox to promote everything. Sports are seen as healthy. The most importants are swimming, european football and golf.

External Relations

Federalia was before a member of the Federalian Union before the Union of the two(like an Anschluss). Since 5 of July its also a full memeber of the Euro-American Micronational Alliance.

Countries reocgnized:

2018 Referendum

2021 Referendum

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