Kingdom of Salanda

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Kingdom of Salanda
Coat of Arms

Our hope is our voice
(Hebrew:התקווה שלנו היא הקול שלנו)
Our Great Kingdom
Salanda within the UK.png

Capital citySalanda City
Largest citySalanda City
Official language(s)Hebrew
Official religion(s)Judaism
Short nameSalanda
GovernmentParliamentary System
- KingKing Reuben I
- Prime MinisterSolomon K
- Chancellor of the exchequerSamuel B
LegislatureSalanda Parliament
Established22nd of June 2018 (The Kingdom of Salanda)
CurrencySalanda Coins
Time zone+00:22
National sportAssociation Football
National animalCollared Dove
IMSO 1 codeSLN

Kingdom of Salanda Website

The Kingdom of Salanda, more commonly known as Salanda (Ćaüaméa in Salandan), which claims to be a sovereign state, called by others a micronation established on the 22 June 2018, now celebrated as the kingdom's independence day. Salanda is located in the Mastras Region. Salanda consists of four provinces and two uninhabited territories, which are on land as well as on rocks and stones which is the sovereign land and makes up the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Salanda. There is also a Salanda Minecraft world, which Salanda is represented on, it is considered one of the most important parts of Salanda however it is not counted as territorial integrity rather the device on which it is on is considered property of the Kingdom of Salanda. The Kingdom of Salanda's newest government is the 2nd Government of The Kingdom of Salanda. The Kingdom of Salanda’s capital is Salanda City but it’s planned new future capital is Cantaras and the transition to the new capital will happen shortly. The Kingdom of Salanda’s Parliament is a unicameral system with only one chamber. The Kingdom of Salanda is primarily located in the U.K. but it has claims in other countries. Salanda is governed by the Prime Minster who is elected by the people and appointed by the head of the House of Salanda who is King Reuben I who ceremonially rules the Kingdom of Salanda. The Kingdom of Salanda is the founder and a member of the Alliance of the Micronations also known as AOTM. The Kingdom of Salanda has been quite influential and her sphere of influence is North London.

Foreign Policy on Diplomatic Relations of The Kingdom of Salanda

The Kingdom of Salanda will establish diplomatic relations with any micronation it can, with no exemptions should it want to set up diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Salanda.


Salanda within Greater London approximate location.jpg


Ever since the dissolution of the Kingdom of Ristabbita King Reuben I wished to establish another sovereign state (micronation).

Establishment of The Kingdom of Salanda

After a long period of nothing happening, King Reuben I founded Salanda on the 22nd June 2018 which was his 13th Birthday. He proclaimed the establishment of the Kingdom of Salanda and that it was to be an absolute monarchy with him as the King. It had 1 citizen being himself.

Absolute Monarchy Period

From the 22nd of June 2018 to the 1st of November 2020, the Kingdom of Salanda was an absolute monarchy. A few days after establishment King Reuben I decided to base his new Sovereign State (Micronation) on his Minecraft world, although he did claim the property that he lived on as part of The Kingdom of Salanda, swaying it away from the grasp of Simulationism. He then decided to make the Kingdom of Salanda into the Empire of The Kingdom of Salanda. After this, Salanda experienced major growth and a citizen. However, the citizen proclaimed the Republic of Tuse resulting in a small war that Salanda won. It let Tuse break away, however, it still retained its absolute monarchy. When the next citizen of Salanda joined in late October 2020 they demanded the end of the absolute monarchy. The Empire of The Kingdom of Salanda in exchange they would vote for King Reuben I to be the first Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Salanda.

Great Reshuffle and Democracy Period

On the 1st November 2020, the Empire of The Kingdom of Salanda was dissolved and Salanda went back to being the Kingdom of Salanda. The absolute monarchy then came to an end. On the 2nd November 2020, the basic foundation laws were established and a democracy with a constitutional monarchy was established, with King Reuben I being the first Prime Minister of The Kingdom Of Salanda in the 2020 Salanda elections.

1st Government of The Kingdom of Salanda

To help form the first government of Salanda with King Reuben as Prime Minster, Tuse Rejoined Salanda with the government being made up by King Reuben I and Tusean delegates. The new government was established on 1 November 2020. Under the first government of Salanda, Salanda experienced major economic growth and developments as well as establishing relations with other micronations. Under the 1st Government of Salanda, the Kingdom of Salanda became very stable and experienced an influx of citizens, however, Tuse wanted to be independent again leading to the government being dissolved on 19 June 2021. On the same day, elections were held and Solomon K defeated King Reuben I to become the 2nd Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Salanda and the 2nd Government of The Kingdom of Salanda which was formed on the 20th June 2021.

2nd Government of The Kingdom of Salanda 20th June 2021-present

On the 20th June 2021, the 2nd Government of The Kingdom of Salanda was established with Solomon K as the 2nd Prime Minister of Salanda after winning the Salanda 2021 elections. So far the new government has enacted policies stabilising Salanda more and continuing the growth of Salanda.

Land Claims and Basing

Salanda Claims the land of its citizens and other countries though it hopes this will be a temporary claim when it can go and buy permanent land. Salanda is based on its claimed lands as well as a Minecraft world.

Kingdom of Salanda land claims.png


The currency is Salanda Coins [SC], however The Kingdom of Salanda also uses the British Pound as its currency as well.

The 3 provinces of the Kingdom of Salanda rely on agriculture and tourism to make money for the economy.


Negev Territory, Salanda.jpg
Salanda Land.jpg
The Salandarian Provinces.
Panorama of Central Salanda City.

The capital and largest city is Salanda city this is also where the government is located in. The secondary city is Huvender. See Cities of Salanda.

Sovereign Land

The Kingdom of Salanda have the original founding land of Salanda as well as land of its citizens (until it can buy land to permanently settle on).

Points of Interest

Grand crater

The Grand Crater is a geological formation. It is the second largest crater in all of Salanda.

Mega Crater

The largest crater in all of Salanda is the Mega Crater.

Tulip Towers

The Tulip towers are the tallest buildings in the Kingdom of Salanda. Located on the Salanda Minecraft World, they offer great views of Salanda city.


All Salandarian provinces are on sovereign land but there are rocks and stones that are part of the provinces for representation they are represented on the Salanda Minecraft World but as with the Salanda Basic Laws unlike what the provinces are made up of the sovereign land which counts as territorial integrity it instead one the device on which it is on is considered property of the Kingdom of Salanda but is not under any circumstances considered to be part of Salanda’s territorial integrity.

Salanda also has two territories. These are:

  • Negev Territory
  • Buso Territory

Salanda Royalties

Salanda Royalties is the equivalent of Territories of the Kingdom of Salanda.

Geography of the Land

Salanda is made up of the 3 provinces of Salanda has control and sovereignty over them their borders are the Sea of Salanda. It also has some land of its citizens which they live on. On Sunday 18th July 2021 The Kingdom of Salanda established the Salanda Land Trust the land Trust buys land for Salanda.


On Friday 9th July 2021 The Kingdom of Salanda opened itself up to tourism although it had done so before it was never official and those who wanted to needed a permit from the Salandarian Government however on Friday 9th July 2021 The Kingdom of Salanda opened The Salanda Tourist Ministry.

Culture and Demographics

The national food of Salanda is the Chocolate eclair and the national animal is the Collared Dove. The flag is Orange-White-Orange landscape with a yellow sun/star with two plants and a red diamond as red is the rarest colour of diamond it shows how The Kingdom of Salanda is so rare in nature and how it’s beauty cannot be matched.

The Kingdom of Salanda uses 4 different calendars, the Hebrew Calendar for the state religion, the Salandarian calendar for the culture of the Kingdom of Salanda, the Tuse calendar for the autonomous provinces of Tuse and Moonstone, and the Gregorian calender for daily life and business in the Kingdom of Salanda.

Race and Ethnicity

The Kingdom of Salanda's population is that is very ethnically mixed.


The state religion of The Kingdom of Salanda is Judaism.


Salandarian’s believe a war between Salanda and a Foreign Enemy called the battle of orange where the native people managed to fight back the invaders and defeat them twice because of a miraculous and magical victory and regain control of the Island on which they at the time lived on they all became united at the end of the war and went to make a flag but the only available colour to make their flag was orange hence the two battles of orange it is referenced on the Salandarian flag and in the Salanda national anthem.

Salanda Name Origin

Ćaüaméa is the Salandan Name for Salanda it means Land of Diamonds (see in article).


As Salanda means ‘land of diamonds’ in Salandan to represent The Kingdom of Salanda being unique. And it’s flag symbolism of its two victory’s, the sun meaning Salanda shining out is very good traits on the world, the Two lead branches symbolising peace and the red diamond, since it is the rarest diamond it symbolises Salanda Very Good Unique Traits. Salandarians also use the name Salanda to symbolise its power in these sentences below:

  • S- Is for Strength, There when needed showing Salanda’s Strength
  • A- Is for Affection, how beautiful Salanda is
  • L- Is for Light ,How Salanda shines its good traits across the world
  • A- Is for Amenable, How Salanda has self control and is stable
  • N- Is for Neat, How Salanda’s land is very clean and very good looking.
  • D- Is for Diamond, How Salanda shines in rarity and greatness
  • A- Is for Aptitudes, How Salanda’s citizens are extremely talented and can benefit the world in extraordinary ways.


The national sport of The Kingdom of Salanda is football.

National Anthem

The Salanda National Anthem is Our Great Kingdom. The lyrics to the anthem are:

Our Great Kingdom
On the great nation the two Banners Of the Great orange arise
And of the old battle for thy say the two wars of orange
Become two strips of justice and peace
Do not look down
Mighty nation for the days of sorrow are over the sun of hope shall crown you
With two olive branches and a red diamond
Your days will be filled with glory those who were great over you out now look up to you
O’ Salanda Thy You are Our great Kingdom.


The Salandarian Independence Day is June 22nd, which was the day the Kingdom of Salanda was established on.

Date Official Name Details
21 and 22 May Start of the Golden Month Day Business as usual.
24 May Thankful Day Business as usual.
25 May Day of Appreciation business as usual.
26 May Day of Salandarian Happiness business as usual.
30 May Salanda Songs Day business as usual.
11 June Continuation Day business as usual.
21 June Great Preparations Day Business at usual but it’s a half day to prepare for the great festival.
22 June Independence Day Special National Holiday All business, work and education closed.
23-26 June Days of celebration Special National Holiday All business, work and education closed.
3rd August Day of the Winners Special National Holiday, Businesses open however education closed.
22 December Half Salanda Years Day Special National Holiday, Education is given a Holiday but Business as Usual.

Government and Politics

The Kingdom of Salanda is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. It is a democracy with full voting rights for all citizens who elect the prime minister of the kingdom of Salanda. It has 4 provinces and land which it’s citizens live on.

The Prime Minister is Solomon K of The Kingdom of Salanda.


The King and Monarch is King Reuben I who has been serving as the first King of the Kingdom of Salanda ever since it’s establishment on the 22nd of June 2018.

Star of Salanda necklace

The star of Salanda necklace informally also called the Kings Necklace is the equivalent to a crown in the Kingdom of Salanda it is worn by the incumbent monarch and is used often but also used for special occasions such as the Salanda Independence Day on the 22nd June 2018.

Star of Salanda necklace .jpg

Foreign Affairs

Israel and Salanda flags side by side.jpg
A map of Salandarian Provinces.

The Kingdom of Salanda tries to maintain good relations with all micronations. The Kingdom of Salanda maintains unofficial but extremely close ties with the Israel to their cultural ties and religion.

Informal Relations

The Kingdom of Salanda keeps all of its relations under wraps. The Kingdom of Salanda operates with a neutral stance though sometimes may sanction nations should they attack Salanda.

Hostile Relations

The Kingdom of Salanda is very secretive about its relations and most is now kept under wraps by the new government.

Participation in international organizations

Alliance of the Micronations


All member states of the Alliance of the Micronations All micronations with formal and informal ties. Most UN states Some Non UN states

Relations with Micronations (Formal ties)

Relations with Micronations (Informal ties)

The Kingdom of Salanda has informal relations with Molossia.

Major Projects

The Salanda Cross Connection Project is supposed to connect all Salanda sovereign territory together with new transportation links.

Sanctioned Micronations

There is no information which micronations are sanctioned as the new government tries to keep things under wraps for security reasons.


The Kingdom of Salanda does not have any conflicts as it has permanently withdrawn from all wars, so it will be a nation of peace. Salanda is a signatory to the Union Against Micronational War.

Acting as a Mediator

The Kingdom of Salanda has acted as a mediator in conflicts helping to solve and put and end to some of other micronations worst conflicts with their neighbours. It has formatted peace agreements between many micronations.

Acting as a Role Model

The Kingdom of Salanda has been a model for other nations such as the now defunct Republic of Tuse as it was absorbed back into Salanda but this has been halted primarily because Salanda has diverged away from discord to focus on internal matters.

Freedom of The Press

The Kingdom of Salanda has great freedoms of the Press it’s national newspaper is the Salandarian Times.

Honours and Awards

Every Salanda Independence Day awards are given out the first order formally made is the Order of Salandarian Recognition.

Order of Salandarian Recognition .jpg

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