International Aerospace Community

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International Aerospace Community
Logo of International Aerospace Community
DiscordOfficial server
Official languageEnglish
TypeIntermicronational organisation
Jack Dean
• Foundation
21 January 2021 (2021-01-21)
• Charter
15 May 2021 (2021-05-15)

The International Aerospace Community (IAC) is an Intermicronational organisation dedicated to the exploration of space and development of the aerospace sector. It was founded by Jack D (Chief Administrator of EAST) and Simon Reeve (Administrator of the AAA) on 21 January 2021, with the aim of bringing their two space programs together to discuss aerospace, and create a community to further the micronational aerospace sector.

The name International Aerospace Community was decided upon by the founding members, after rejecting names such as the 'Micronational Aerospace Agency' and the 'Aerospace Protocol/Entende'.

The logo features a minimalist font (Rounded Elegance), with the letter 'A' representing a prograde or rocket nose, and the letter 'C' incorporating a crescent shape of a different colour askin to the shadow on a planetary body as seen from orbit. It represents the primary focus of the community being on space.


Jack, then Foreign Minister of Essexia and Chief Administrator of EAST, approached Simon Reeve, then Emperor of Aenopia and Administrator of the AAA, regarding the formation of an intermicronational organisation to bring the micronational aerospace community together for discussion and some regulation, as well as cooperation in their independent endeavours. It was founded on the same day, with Jack putting forward the logo design and Simon creating the website.[1]

On the 25th February 2021, the Misberian Confederacy was dissolved and subsequently was the first time a member state of the IAC had left the organisation.

The First Charter of the International Aerospace Community was unilaterally ratified on the 15th May 2021. Jack assumed the position of Chairperson until the 1st June, when the rotor system was set to properly start with Aenopia becoming Chairperson. However, this never occurred, and the charter is set to be amended accordingly.


Chairpersons of the IAC
Number Nation Flag Primary Member Term Notes
1 Commonwealth of Essexia Jack D 15 May 2021
to Present
  • First Chairperson

Activities and projects

Digital model of the Starless IV rocket, a project sponsored by the IAC.


Primary activities for the IAC include:

  • Encouraging development of aerospace sectors within member states
  • Development of launch systems and technology between member states
  • Formal forum for the discussion of aerospace-related matters
  • Cooperation on projects between member sttaes
  • Fostering national interest in aerospace in member states


As of 22 January 2021 the International Aerospace Community supports 4 aerospace projects currently under development by member states. These are:


As of 12 December 2023, the International Aerospace Community has 25 member states representing 17 aerospace organisations/companies.[a]


Former Members/Organisations

Statutory Record

According to the Charter, the Chair must maintain a publicly-available record of statutes. This is kept in the form of the list below, as well as a more detailed voting record on the IAC discord server. All motions are recorded in both records, including membership, charter and position votes.

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  1. The Aenopian company Helliwell Systems and the Essexian company CAe Systems are both represented within the IAC by their respective nations.


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